Intense Unschooling Radio Interview with Dayna Martin

Our family just returned from a trip to Mexico, where I was speaking at an event called, Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. While our family was there, a magazine that interviewed us released a very positive story about our family and Unschooling. Due to the visibility and positivity of that story, I was contacted by a radio station, KABC, out of Los Angeles, CA., who asked for an interview about Unschooling while I was in Mexico. I agreed and woke up early to be ready and focused for the 8am call from the radio station.
Some of the questions that they asked me were:

-What do your children do during a typical day?
-What is Unschooling?
-How will they get into college?
-Do you think everyone should Unschool their children?

This live interview went very well, although the energy of the host who played, “devil’s advocate,” could have been more positive. All in all, I understand the questions that are fear-based and doubting of the validity of an Unschooling life. I love to share about it anytime that my voices is needed. The focus of my work which surrounds freedom and the rights and respect that I feel that all children deserve, is receiving more attention and I am always grateful for opportunities to speak about Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting.

Listen to that interview below.


  1. Peter Sullivan says

    Nice job, Dayna. I see what you mean about the interviewer playing devil’s advocate. Despite that, I thought your points were clear. I thought he had a lot of notions of how education should be, but are not true. Also, I didn’t like his comment that some kids are lazy. I don’t think that is a very useful way to describe children. Perhaps that should not be a surprise when obedience is so valued.

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