Cultural Evolution

Living a Radical Unschooling life we focus on our relationship with our children in a way very different from mainstream society. Almost all of the parenting advice that most receive are about obedience and controlling children. It is very rare to read about respect and connection with one’s children. Partnership parenting is at the heart of Unschooling. This life is about living a completely different paradigm than most of us were raised in. The authoritarian paradigm is the only dynamic that most  know about, however, once people hear the logic of partnership parenting through Radical Unschooling, they are brought to a new level of awareness about the respect, love and kindness that is terribly lacking in our culture in regards to children.

Radical Unschooling is truly an evolution in how children are viewed in our society. In the same way we have evolved in acceptance of others in many other ways in our culture, children are the next on the agenda and deserving of equal rights and respect. I am honored to help lead the way to raising awareness about this incredibly important aspect of life with children.


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