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This year has been a powerful year for me and my family. After appearing on ABC’s hit show, Wife Swap, we have been contacted by hundreds of people who fully support Radical Unschooling philosophy. We are so glad that we worked with ABC and took part in the show. We have been gifted with many opportunities to take part in other projects and adventures since it aired this past April. I am grateful for the richness that life has to offer when we just say, Yes!

I turned 40 years old on May 21st! I can’t believe that I am actually, 40! I still feel so young and healthier than I have ever been. I remember being a child and thinking that 40 was old! Now, I feel like it is just the beginning of so much for me. Forty marked the start of a new unfolding of my role as an advocate for Unschooling and partnership parenting on a global level. To honor this rite of passage of turning forty, I got a new tattoo. It took 6 hours and I absolutely love it! Adorning my body and honoring it with beautiful art is part of Who I Am as an individual. Tattoos are sacred to me and something that I will never regret, despite popular belief.

Devin got his septum pierced, as millions of people witnessed as it was part of the show Wife Swap. We fully supported his decision. Between ABC filming the casting tape, and the actually filming of the show, the producers asked us if we were doing anything to change or alter our looks before the actual filming. We told them that Devin was going to get a septum piercing and they asked if he wouldn’t mind waiting a few weeks so they could film it. Devin enthusiastically said, “Sure!”
Hence, it being on the show itself.

Body art and adornment is sacred and unique to the individual. It can help one to feel whole and more like themselves as self expression is celebrated. I love my body art and I encourage anyone who feels inspired to adorn their body to do so. You will not regret this honoring of YOU in all of your beautiful uniqueness.

Rock on, Dayna


  1. I love reading what you write, Dayna.

    I just had to respond to this post because it’s so ironic…my whole journey along this path started with the natural childbirth of my first child motivated SOLELY because I was afraid of needles ­čÖé

    • Wow Sue thats quite a good anecdote!
      And now I suppose you are natural parenting or attachment parenting I suppose!
      all the best for you!

  2. This is exactly how I feel about my piercings. In celebration of my successful natural birth of my second boy, I went and got a labret piercing. I love it! I remember a friend asking me years ago if when I had children I would take out my piercings. That felt so strange to me. And this is exactly why. Because it wouldn’t be honoring of me.

  3. I would LOVE to see that episode of Wife Swap! Any clue if it’s online anywhere or if there’s anywhere else I can catch it? (We only have Netflix for television.)

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