Radical Unschooling IS Tribal Parenting

All of our children have been raised this way, since birth. I was told they would never be independent if I did these things. I wore my babies, almost continuously, until they wanted to crawl and even then, the second they wanted to be held again, they were back in my arms. We never used a crib, not even for ONE night – ever. We have always co-slept. They all nursed until they outgrew the need (Devin 4 1/2, Tiffany – 11mths, Ivy 6, and Orion 3 1/2.) They were never left to cry and they have never been punished.

Devin turns 18 in a couple of weeks and he is moving to Virginia to be with his girlfriend. Tiff is going to NYC to stay and be part of a fashion show there. They have no issues with leaving home and haven’t for years, because they are *securely attached* and trust our relationship and themselves, because they were always trusted in their needs. They are both thriving and more independent than anyone would believe – all of our children are!

DO NOT BELIEVE the hype about your children not being independent by practicing natural, tribal-like parenting. The fears and warnings about it are all a LIE!

Radical Unschooling is an extension of tribal-parenting and the most natural, positive and joyful way to live together, with your children.

Peace & Love, Dayna


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