Diary of The UnNanny

It has been several years now that I have been working as the UnNanny, supporting families on their unschooling and peaceful parneting paths. It has been an extremely rewarding and enriching experience for me to spend a weekend or even a whole week in someone’s home and help them transform their lives from a fighting, angry, unhappy family, to a connected, loving and joyful one.

I love giving parents a glimpse, or even a long stare, into life through their child’s eyes. When parents can see how things feel and how life is perceived by their children, they can change their parenting behavior and dynamic to better facilitate loving kindness and compassion to support who their children are now.

Bringing presence to a family by helping them shift from an authoritarian paradigm to a partnership paradigm is the main focus of my work with families. Awareness is all that it takes to initiate change. Once we are aware of how different things could be in our relationship with our children, the change begins to happen. When I show parents the relationship they could have simply through ceasing the focus on controlling behavior, they relax into their new roll, and joy, peace and love begins to surround the family.

There is a waiting list of families who want my in-person support and education as the UnNanny. I love staying with people for the total immersion experience! I visit families as much as I can, but in the cases where the family needs help NOW, I offer Skype UnNanny One-On-One Sessions. They have been an enormous help to parents who are in crisis and desperate for a new perspective and shift in where they are now in their relationship with their children and partners.

Last week, I worked with a professional family from Scotland over Skype. The mother is a Productivity Coach and supports others. She said that my UnNanny session helped her in ways she could have never imagined. Here is what she said.


“I had an amazing hour with Dayna, The UnNanny, on skype, felt free and comfortable to describe our family situation encouraged by her kind voice. I love how Dayna can help you look at a situation from a completely different point of view and see ways to move forward.

It was so reassuring to hear Dayna suggesting to let go of blaming my children’s behaviour on our parenting approach. She reminded me how important it is for the whole family how I feel – how easily they pick it up and respond accordingly. Feeling good is something I can focus on to shift the energy in a difficult situation. Dayna also helped me to word something I was anxious to communicate to someone I know. 

Right at the end of our conversation a door to new opportunities has opened up. I am so excited to explore them now and continue discussing them in our next skype call which I cannot wait for.” Olga Degtyareva, scientist and unschooling mother of two

If you are a family in need of help to shift from fighting, negativity and constant power struggles, contact me, the UnNanny today! We can schedule an in-person meeting or Skype call! I guarantee it will change the life of your family in ways that you will instantly experience more peace and love in your family.



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