Childhood Disorder or Lack of Interest?

Sadly, our culture drugs children, when they don’t focus on what adults want them to be focused on. Yet, our culture also condemns them, if they are focused on something that the child enjoys. I hear this all the time, “My child sat there, like a zombie and didn’t respond when I called their name! I need to start limiting xyz… to snap them out of this!”

What this parent is referring to as a “zombie-like state”
IS focus and attention!

The child being judged as being in a “zombie-like state” is a child focused and so engrossed in what they are doing, that they block out everything else around them. They are in a zen-like state of focus, but when a parent fears something, or if a parent is annoyed at the child perceivably “ignoring” them, a child’s focus on what they are doing is annoying to the parent.

So, is drugging kids really about helping them to focus? Or is it really about making is easier to force a child to submit to the control of adults? It is inhumane to attempt to force focus on anyone, because you think it is best for them. Lack of focus and attention isn’t a “disorder.” It is simply a lack of interest in something.

It’s time we wake up and see the hypocrisy and double-standards that our culture promotes. Open your heart to see the goodness in your child and the beauty and perfection in their interests and celebrate their natural focus.

~Peace & Love, Dayna 


  1. Jasmine Hanson says

    This resonates with me so much because my 3 year old is so energetic and in constant motion that when I catch her in these moments of focus (peeling the wrappers off of crayons, making dozens of tiny dots of playdough on our table for example) I immediately stop speaking and back away slowly so I don’t interrupt her. These focused moments are quite rare in our house and such a pleasure to witness that it is hard to believe there are parents who are disturbed by them. I’ll take them by the dozens!

  2. Megan DePerro says

    Precisely. If all kids were unschooled we wouldn’t be seeing this depression and ADHD craze.

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