Jeff Probst ROCKS!

Devin and I were recently invited to be on the Jeff Probst Show to speak about Unschooling. It was the first time that we were involved in an interview on television that didn't have an agenda in how they wanted to share about  Unschooling. It was a very positive experience and the producers has the highest integrity and were a joy to … [Read more...]

My Freedomain Radio Interview with Stefan Molyneux

I had a great interview experience with Stefan Molyneux a few nights ago. It has received a warm reception both on Youtube and with social media. … [Read more...]

A KiCKASS Interview!

I took part in a fun interview with Joanna, of the KiCKASS WiTCH. She was very receptive to Unschooling philosophy and connecting with her was like connecting with an old friend. I love powerful, wild, inspirational women and it was fun connecting and sharing with her. So, here it is.. a little fuzzy visually, but fantastic audio … [Read more...]

Australian Advocacy

It has been an amazing summer! I have been traveling off and on for several weeks now. I spoke at the Conscious Parenting and Natural Learning Conference in Australia this August. It was winter there during my stay and it was cold! What an experience to have a 14 hour time difference AND season change! I adjusted perfectly and never … [Read more...]

NEW! Radical Unschooling Interview

Here is an interview that I did last night. Devin took part in a small part of it too!  It is focused on the basics of Radical Unschooling philosophy and freedom. I hope you enjoy it! ~Peace & Love, Dayna   Listen to internet radio with ProgressiveParenting on Blog Talk Radio … [Read more...]