Free Hugs: London, England

My mother and step-father live in England. Whenever we go to visit them, we take the train into London. As crazy as some of my ideas and dreams in life are to my mother, she always supports them. For this trip, I told her and my step-father, (who is British) that I wanted to give out, "Free Hugs," in one of the busiest areas of London. … [Read more...]

I’m Feelin’ the LOVE!

I am so grateful for the lives that I have touched through my work and advocacy. Thank you to those who have recently shared their gratitude and love!    I'm not a mother, and I'm only 20 years but you've taught me so much about interacting with children, caring for them and having a partnership with them that i'm actually excited to … [Read more...]

Our Radical Unschooling Life

    In this video interview Joe and I talk about what it is like to be Unschooling parents. We share about Radical Unschooling philosophy and our beliefs surrounding respect, kindness and partnership with our children. I have also posted a few questions that I received after sharing this video with others. Enjoy and … [Read more...]

The Sparkling Martins!

I have been keeping a family blog for over six years now. It is there that I share our journey as a Radical Unschooling family. I use this as a journal, a family photo album, a resource for my children's yearly evaluations and a place where family and friends can see what we are up to. I hope to inspire other families to pursue their … [Read more...]

My Freedomain Radio Interview with Stefan Molyneux

I had a great interview experience with Stefan Molyneux a few nights ago. It has received a warm reception both on Youtube and with social media. … [Read more...]