Childbirth has never been presented like this before...

Sexy Birth is a compilation of ten years of my work as a Doula and childbirth educator. It is my personal birthing philosophy and method of birth with personal stories to highlight my perspective.

I am beginning a Sexy Birth teacher training program in which I will facilitate women becoming childbirth educators and Doulas. My plans are to travel the country and offer workshops educating about Sexy Birth and creating an online resource for pregnant Mom’s to be able to find Sexy Birth Facilitators in their area.

My book is growing in momentum and I have received high reviews and have connected with birth professionals worldwide who are promoting and supporting my newest work. Sexy Birth is changing birthing paradigms and couples are taking a new level of responsibility for creating the birth that they desire.

~Peace & Love, Dayna

Sexy Birth Book Cover

Dayna smashes through conventional wisdom, and provides you with all of the information you need to have a birth that you are meant to have. Birth is a continuum of sexuality for couples and the love that conceived your baby, is the love that assists the birth of your baby. Sexy Birth isn’t about being sexy in the cultural sense of the word… It is about feeling empowered and owning your sexuality, strength, inner power and confidence to birth your baby as easily and joyfully as he was conceived! 

This is unlike any other birthing book available today!

Childbirth educator and doula, Dayna Martin, takes the truth about birth to new, provocative levels. In this leading-edge book, you will learn:

  • Why some pregnancy diets can actually cause complications
  • Why Kegels are completely unnecessary, and how they make giving birth more difficult
  • Why semen is surprisingly beneficial for a pregnant woman
  • The little-known mistakes that most women make, during labor, that cause intense pain
  • Connect with your partner during birth on a whole new level
  • Learn how to self-design your perfect birth
  • Discover the truth of how easy birth can be

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most pivotal times in a woman’s life. Your entire future rolls out in front of you, as you are confronted with decisions and choices you have never thought about before. You come to a place in your life where taking full responsibility for yourself and another life, is on your shoulders. Many women aren’t ready for this aspect of womanhood; this can lead to a birth experience that she regrets for the rest of her life.

Birth can be traumatic or it can be empowering; it can be full of fear or it can be full of love and trust. What she creates for herself and her baby is entirely the woman’s responsibility.

Being responsible for your birth means shifting from a cultural place of control, to a place of trust and inner knowing that all is well and as it should be. It is a space of acceptance for what is; then from that disposition of well-being, informed decisions can be made. A place of fear or worry isn’t the best place to be when making decisions; but unfortunately, in our culture, fear is what fuels most decisions. It is no wonder that birth becomes something very scary for most women.

A Sexy Birth is a birth where trust and love are the predominant emotions guiding you through the entire process. Most women and professionals in our culture do not view birth in such a positive way; so much of it, they believe, is just by chance or luck. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Dayna Martin shares with you the explicit secrets to a healthy, powerful and Sexy Birth! Order your signed copy today! Free shipping on all orders!

Sexy Birth by Dayna Martin is part of a new wave of consciousness surrounding the way women choose to labor. As Martin describes it, “[a] Sexy Birth is a birth where trust and love are the predominant emotions guiding you through the entire process.” The phrase “trust birth” has been around for a long time, but this book brings a deeper meaning to the concept. Trusting birth isn’t just a mantra, it is a way of life and a way of accepting how different every pregnancy and birth can be. This book , based on Martin’s own experiences with pregnancy and ten years spent working as a Doula and Childbirth Educator, acknowledges that rigid expectations of how to behave during pregnancy, such as every woman adhering to one medically prescribed “pregnancy diet”, are dangerous (“I ate with my heart – perfectly individualized pregnancy nutrition!” says Martin.).

Sexy Birth is a guide to positive thinking in all aspects of pregnancy with practical advice for expecting mamas. It covers everything that average pregnancy guides cover, but with a sense of empowerment that is essential to a positive birth experience. She writes, “During my pregnancy with Orion, I did something I hadn’t done with the other three pregnancies. I achieved an even higher level of trust. I not only trusted myself and my baby, I trusted that the Universe itself was conspiring on my behalf, for all to go perfectly for me.”

The book is full of interesting facts and ideas that had me talking non-stop over dinner with even my non-birthy friends (once you learn about the nutritional benefits of ingesting sperm, you likely never forget). Sexy Birth is SEXY. The existence of self-empowered, positive, and loving birth experiences is one that everyone should be aware of. Perhaps, the most inspiring part of the whole book is in Martin’s final thoughts where she reaches out to her readers for the last time. She says, “We are the creators of love and light that cannot be dimmed, unless we allow others to manage and control our birthing experience. When we take full responsibility for how our babies enter this world, we have the power to change humanity for the better.”

Don't wait to read this one.

Dayna, I just finished Sexy Birth. What a wonderful read! As a doula, your book is now number one on my recommended readings list (even trumping Ina May). And I even have some new thoughts heading into my third birth this May. Thank you!

Lola O’Brien

This book was such a healing journey to me. As a woman, birth is mine, and this book helped me to fully understand this concept and the process of it. I have given birth twice, the second time naturally, and I had never really understood the birth process until after reading this book. I never knew how trustworthy birth is, and that within that trust and understanding is this wonderful freedom to make it all one’s own. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this book! The information Dayna shares is beyond logical (it immediately resonated with me!): it is simply unbelievable that so much of it is obscured from society. I think it is well worth the read!!!


This book was beautifully written. I purchased a copy for myself and for a friend last night and couldn’t wait to start reading it. I never expected what happened next… I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire book in one night and was taken in by the author’s beautiful journey to her Sexy Birth. I laughed and cried and learned things I had never known before. A perfect gift for the expectant couple with information you won’t find anywhere else…


This book was truely amazing. I laughed, cried and felt empowered. I gained a new awareness of attraction birthing. I will give this book to anyone I know who is expecting. This book will help you create your own blissful, sexy authentic birth.


I somehow managed to read this in the middle of moving and a taking care of a sick little girl. I couldn’t put it down! Dayna talks about pregnancy and birth the way it is meant to be, beautiful and natural, not trying to be controlled in some bright lighted room. My first birth was at home and it was beautiful, but after reading this I am more confident and inspired for the next one (due in Sept). She puts a number of pregnancy “to-do’s” in their place…I always thought I hated kegels for a reason?! I love Dayna’s books, she speaks to my mind and my heart…and she just makes sense!!

L. Ball

If you want the birth experience YOU want, then this is the book for you. Focusing on listening to your own thoughts and feelings, Dayna Martin helps you understand how to take control of your pregnancy and birth. Although a natural birth is probably the best way to have an empowering, positive birth experience, that might not be true for you, and this book can help anyone get EXACTLY what they want from their pregnancy and birth. If you or someone you love is pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, purchase this book. The sooner you read it, the better.

Liza Sullivan

This book shares the provocative truth every woman should know surrounding birth. It’s such a refreshing look at what natural childbirth can and should be. From the fun sexy chapter titles to the heartfelt stories you will laugh, cry and feel a deep sense of empowerment and connection to birthing sister goddesses worldwide! Read it, share it and be welcomed into the new reality of birthing painlessly with joy and love!


This book is so amazing! As a young* first time mom-to-be I knew I had to read this book as soon as I found out, because of all the wonderful reviews, and I am SO happy that I did! It was a wonderful, and enlightening book to read! Especially being scared about pregnancy, labor and birth! It answered questions I didn’t even know I had! It showed me that I have control of my entire labor and birth experience, and the power to make it my own!


I’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. I have created this empowering and joyful family experience, inspired by @Dayna Martin via personal coaching and her book Sexy birth.

Contraction started in the morning and expecting a baby to appear soon we spent that day together as a family, with my husband and our two boys, in a relaxing atmosphere of our home. We watched a funny movie all together, listened to the music from the time we were dating with my husband. Lots of good food and snacks throughout the day. We had ice cream in the evening and it felt like a party!

When the contractions came more often I called the midwifes to come over and got into the bath – I’ve decorated the bathroom with flowers, candles and light garlands creating a beautiful environment. Leo (our 4 yo) with his overflowing energy was a rock star of the evening and kept checking on me in the bath telling me between contractions how much he loves me and kissing me on the cheek – it all brought me into the NOW and made it easier to labour.

When the baby started to come out, my husband and both boys were there – curious and loving. The baby pushed itself out (I did not need to do any work to push, my body did it itself, I just kept my focus on thinking “Yes!” and “I can do it!”) The baby was born in 3 “pushes” in a membrane, and together with my husband and our boys we greeted the baby girl into our family and this world. It was such a joyful experience.

I have created all of this first in my mind then took weeks to get in alignment with my vision. I wanted to have it in the absence of fear and presence of love. I wanted to feel empowered, connected with myself and the baby and have it as a family event. And I got to experience just that.

You can be, do or have in your life anything your want.

Olga Degtyareva, Edinburgh, United Kingdom