Dayna Martin on Wife Swap

In October of 2012, my family took part in the experience of being on ABC’s, Wife Swap. Millions of people tuned in to see our family swap lives with a “strict disciplinarian.”

Dayna's family ready for the big swap

Our family — ready for the big swap!

We saw the episode the night before it aired on ABC with our friends who were visiting from Bermuda and Australia. We were happy with the finished episode. It was very emotional to watch. There were moments of silence, tears and laughter. I will never forget watching it for the first time. We worked hard for many months going through the many steps of the process of being on such a production. It was an incredible learning experience for each one of us. We made new friends, lived other’s lives and grew as people being part of a reality show. It was reality and it was intense and we would do it all again, knowing how positive an impact it has on society as a whole.

It was a totally life-changing experience for our whole family and we all learned so much.

Saying goodbye before heading to San Diego to meet my Swap family.

Saying goodbye before heading to San Diego to meet my Swap family.

Part of the awesome Wife Swap crew here at our house. They filmed over Halloween and some of the crew at both locations dressed up. It was such a fun day of filming!

Ivy and Devin fire twirling for the Wife Swap Crew.

The New Rules Ceremony at our house. It was probably the lowest point of the experience for my family.

My Swap Kids, Jory and Najia.

Here I am with part of MY crew out in San Diego.

The Sparkling Martins.

We have received hundreds, if not thousands, of emails about our appearance on the show!!
The positive support and comments were overwhelming and so much more than we ever thought we would get.
Our episode is the most viewed of this new Primetime season.

We are grateful for the opportunity and thank ABC Network and the entire Wife Swap Crew for being respectful, honest and kind working with our family.

Here is a pic from some friends in Australia who got together to watch Wife Swap and what Anna Foley said:

"…and here we all are reeeeeally getting into it – all ages!! Kids were coming in and out during the viewing, to check it out too. I think we all felt so close to your family while watching this. We truly felt the emotional extremes Dayna Martin, watching this Wife Swap U.S. show. Plenty of ooohs and ahhhs, startled reactions and sighs…the whole range. What an experience!"

A viewing Down Under.

Thanks for your love and support – all of you!