Dayna Martin

Hi, my name is

Dayna Martin

I've been inspiring others for almost two decades by sharing my experience through natural birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling.

I love travelling the world helping families change their lives by changing their parenting paradigm and bringing more peace and connection to their lives with their children.

Newly Launched:

Freeborn Doula Certification Program

Give women empowering birth experiences all while helping them avoid unnecessary, painful, and expensive medical interventions but also benefit from a full-time & profitable career for yourself.

This program is for those who wish to become a birthing Doula and also for existing Doulas who want to upgrade their skills to be able to expand their business worldwide with the Remote/Travelling Doula training.

  • 20-week comprehensive training & certification program
  • 10-week remote Doula upgrade addon for existing doulas
  • Build a flexible, meaningful, and profitable career
  • Empower women to have transformational births
  • No prior experience necessary, start from where you are, even if you are busy and have little time - study at your own pace
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What I Can Offer You


I've written many books around various topics, which includes Sexy BirthRadical Unschooling, & Raising Rebels.


Currently, I'm offering a 12-Month Professional Advocacy & Coaching Program, starting August 1st, 2020 so you can turn a cause you're passionate about into a full-time career, with step-by-step guidance & support along the way.

I'm also offering the newly-launched Freeborn Doula Certification Program for those who want to create a fulfilling and profitable birthing Doula career, and for existing Doulas to upgrade their skills to offer remote and travelling Doula services to expand their business worldwide.

Group Coaching

The Radical Unschooling Group Coaching allows parents from all over the world to ask questions and get the support and guidance they need once a week. It's also perfect for connecting with other parents globally in a safe and nurturing space.


I offer one-on-one coaching sessions as well as group coaching programs to help you with your very specific needs and situations which my other products may be too broad to cover.

About Dayna Martin

Dayna Martin is an advocate, speaker, educator, and author of three books about parenting and homeschooling. Dayna been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, CNN, Nightline, The Jeff Probst Show, ABC’s hit show, Wife Swap, Fox News, 60 Minutes and the Bethenny Show.

She was used as an informational resource for Homeschooling stories on the Discovery Channel, The Today Show and Our America on the OWN Network and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She travels the world helping families change their lives by changing their parenting paradigm to bring more peace and connection to their lives with their children. Dayna and is a featured speaker at the major parenting and education conferences worldwide. 

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