Zdenka Sip Stankova

Specialty: Unschooling in Czech Republic

I am a blogger, self-directed learning, unschooling and children's rights advocate. I am mom of 3 (Daniel - *2002, Lucie - *2008 - radical unschooler and Astrid - *2019). I love freedom, Pippi Longstocking, travelling and eating ice-cream. I write a blog called CHILDREN ARE HUMANS TOO (DETI JSOU TAKY LIDI), since 2012 I am a part of initiative called Freedom to learn (SvobodaUceni.cz), I shoot videos and interviews with families on their way to freedom in education, I speak at conferences and I do workshops. I support parents and children in their way to freedom in education. I am also a co-author of a documentary film that we called Children of Freedom (Svobodne deti).

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