Maja Dobrila

Specialty: Unschooling in Slovenia

The journey of my life changed when I become Mother.

It was 8 years ago and nothing is the same, anymore. Now, 8 years later, and 3 children more 🙂 I am standing here, Now, as a Doula, Moon Mother, leader of female circles, Dragon Priestess.
I will not be here, the person I am now, without me becoming a  Mother.
We are now living in Slovenia. We didn't plan to... I am from Croatia, my husband from Serbia, and we came to Slovenia - because of our children, and School.
We moved, we changed everything, because of them.
We choose to live listening to our inner voice, and its wisdom.
We are now homeschooling our oldest boy, but I could more say that it is Unschooling.
We are pioneers and a brave couple, doing our best, for us, and with awareness for the entire planet and all living beings.
Happy to be Here, in consciousness, openness, compassion, and with trust in life itself and Love!

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