What if you could give women empowering birth experiences all while helping them avoid unnecessary, painful, and expensive medical interventions but also benefit from a full-time & profitable career for yourself...

Hi, my name is Dayna Martin...

The truth is

before becoming a Doula, I was a young woman with low self-esteem and very little confidence...

Dayna Martin

I dealt with major emotional and anxiety issues as a young adult and I had almost no support in having a natural birth when I was pregnant with my first child. 

I knew from my own upbringing that I wanted a birthing experience that would empower me and help me grow as a woman.

I wanted something more than my mother had when she gave birth to me. She was feared into an unnecessary cesarean by her doctor and was never able to experience labor or bring me into this world through her own power.

I wanted the process of labor and birth to be transformative and healing for the generations of women before me who were never able to experience a natural, empowered birth.

So my journey to create this transformation began...

I studied anything and everything I could get my hands on about natural birth.

I watched hundreds of videos and attended countless classes...

I reached out to other women asking them about their birthing stories...

I was so hungry for the answers that would lead me to what I was seeking...

But what I found shocked me to the core of my being…

What I learned from them was a sad truth - that birth was PAINFUL, miserable and absolutely hellish

Story after story, I heard mothers competing with one another, sharing who had the most horrific and painful birth experiences.

I listened as veteran mothers cried about their victimhood and suffering through their labor and birth and how their babies were snatched from their arms and locked in incubators away from them, because they were so drugged up and traumatized that they couldn’t even hold their own newborn children.

This scared me to the bone, and
I refused to accept this as my destiny

I silently began setting clear intentions to have something completely different. I intuitively knew that birth didn’t have to be the way these women all told me it would be.

I knew that I could create a different experience than all of the women who warned me, and tried fearing me into taking drugs and being “rescued” by doctors.

The thing is,
Women were DESIGNED to give birth!

The bond between mother and child needed to start at birth, rather than after the hospital. I became obsessed with strengthening my body and mind in preparation for what was known as "The most intense of human experience".

When it was my time to give birth to my son, I was focused and clear. I remember being pulled into another state of consciousness that I had never felt before.

I had absolutely NO idea that there was a version of myself that was so strong, and fearless. The contractions were so powerful but I merged with them mentally and worked with them, instead of against them.

During the most intense part of labor I realized that the contractions couldn’t be stronger than me - because they were me!

I finally had the birth that I envisioned and how I intended it to be.
I accomplished something I never knew that I was capable of and did it without drugs or interventions of any kind.

It was the most empowering
and healing experience of my entire life...

I felt like I had finally cracked a code and learned a hidden secret that very few women in the world knew. 

When you become a ‘partner’ with your baby you can work together through the process, whatever the challenge. When you do this, your pain is much less than when you’re afraid and fighting the process in an attempt to control it all.

When you let go of control and allow it all, it's a very different experience than you think it will be.

Moments after I gave birth,
I knew I had to help other women do the same!

The desire to give birth naturally was intially not a goal that I heard from other women when I was pregnant with my first child. It seemed to be something laughable and what only “hippie” women wanted to do. I wanted to move forward and break through that stereotype.

There was very little written about the importance of being unmedicated for optimal bonding between mother and child.

Sadly, even today, it isn’t a priority in the medicalized approach to birth. A patriarchal birthing system virtually never takes any of that into account. In discovering this I felt a sense of obligation to share this knowledge with other women about this aspect of birth.

I realized how little support there was for women who wanted a natural birth in a hospital, and how deeply rooted the current cultural attitude towards a medicalized birth is.

There weren’t any Doulas in my area helping women and there weren’t any childbirth classes, other than the hospital-based class which pushed for obedience and routine procedures.

In fact, only 6% of mothers had a doula at their birth,
according to one 2013 survey

Becoming a doula became a burning focus of mine, but I faced many intense challenges along the way. I had a newborn and a two-year-old. The time that I had to actually study and work towards a certification seemed daunting and difficult at first. 

I thought scheduling in time to focus on the certification would work, only to realize that babies and toddlers don’t follow schedules. They thrive with attention, love, and a mother's presence.

Dayna Martin - holding babies

In order to work towards my goals, I needed to let go of the idea of schedules and learn a new way to get my work and studying done without sacrificing the needs of my children.

So, I had an idea that would allow me
to make my dream a reality…

I would invite the natural ebb and flow of the day with my babies and when time naturally presented itself, I would study and read and do the work necessary, moment by moment, day by day and week by week, until I was finished!

And guess what? It worked! I didn’t need to live by anyone else’s ideas and I COULD be an attached, attentive mother and be with my babies 24/7 and accomplish what I needed to for my Doula and childbirth education certification.

When I prioritized the needs of my children first,
the rest just worked out

The other challenge I faced was that the culture of FEAR was so strong in my local area with the health care providers that I wondered if I’d even be taken seriously

I felt defeated with every story I’d hear from mothers who birthed at our local hospital who shared that Doula’s weren’t respected as legit members of the birthing team and nurses were known to treat them disrespectfully.

Despite what others said, I pushed forth anyway, continuing to learn how to teach others about natural, empowered birth, day after day.

Regardless of the nay-sayers, I listened to my heart and completed the certification processes to become a Doula.

This allowed me to step into a career that would not only change the course of my life, but the lives of thousands of families worldwide...

After I became a Doula, I was hired by most of my childbirth students to attend their births and I began making really good money.

After surviving on food stamps and existing at the poverty level for over two years, I was able to make enough money to help pull my family out of financial struggle in a very short amount of time.

I started charging $250 for my childbirth class series and $550 to attend births. I had four couples in the first series, and three of them hired me as their Doula as well!

I earned $2,600 in my first month of offering my services!

I was so happy & relieved that we didn’t need to collect food stamps anymore and we even had extra money that I could save and reinvest into my business!

Over the following few months, my classes filled up quickly. Women were having amazingly empowering natural births and word got out that my classes and support were a “must have” for expectant couples.

I was able to save and build a childbirth resource center on our property. I hired other teachers and we had weekly support groups, meetings, and tons of other classes, from mother and baby yoga, to babywearing workshops and huge parties to raise money for important causes.

I became a full-blown childbirth resource center, selling baby carriers, mother and babycare, natural items. I quickly became the most sought after and renown alternative birthing expert in our area.

I was living my dream and it all began with taking
that first step of becoming a Doula

Now is the time for YOU to start your journey!

If you’ve ever wanted to become a Doula, there has never been a better time to do so. The state of the world is at a point where it is ripe & ready for a new vision for the future.

With so much uncertainty in the world, a career as a Doula is certain.

If you’re reading this now, you have two simple choices:


Stay in the situation you are in right now, struggling to make ends meet while being unable to live your fullest potential


Become a certified Doula step-by-step and begin this new and exciting career to empower your life and create abundance

I was so happy & relieved that we didn’t need to collect food stamps anymore and we even had extra money that I could save and reinvest into my business!

Over the following few months, my classes filled up quickly. Women were having amazingly empowering natural births and word got out that my classes and support were a “must have” for expectant couples.

I know what you're probably thinking - but Dayna, I don't have the time! My answer: Time is NEVER a valid excuse!

Everyone has the same number of hours in the day - it’s simply a matter of priority and what’s most important to you.

Is the future of your family and career important enough for you to make time to invest into creating a new career and difference in the world? Of course!

... But Dayna, I don't have the money! My answer: if you really really want it bad enough, you'll find they money.

Remember times in your past when you really wanted something so badly, but at the time you couldn't afford it? You found a way to get the funds, right? Exactly - all you got to know is this - is transforming your life and that of your family into a happier, more fulfilling one valuable to you? If the answer is yes, read on...

Become a Certified Freeborn Doula

The Freeborn Doula program is a cutting-edge doula certification program,

... that offers a certification for not only traditional doula services, but for a new branch of doula services that Dayna has a great deal of experience in - the Remote Doula Service. Dayna has worked with dozens of families abroad, traveling with her children to attend births.

She has also supported dozens of women remotely by phone and video through their unassisted births at home. This unique aspect of the Freeborn Doula certification is meeting a growing trend in birth, making it safer and allowing those desiring an unassisted birth feel more confident and supported in their controversial choice.

Why Get Certified With Dayna Martin?

The Freeborn Doula Certification is unique in that it is specifically focused on educating new & existing doulas to meet the new and ever-evolving needs and restrictions as a doula amidst Covid-19. To that end you will learn to offer doula services remotely as well as learning the ways in which you can travel to expand your services.

From birthing in a hospital to a planned unassisted birth, we train doulas to serve women in whatever way the client feels safest and most comfortable. This unique approach for training, opens up new possibilities for services that doulas weren't trained to offer in the past.

Who The Doula Certification Is For

This program is a perfect fit for you if...

  • You didn’t have a natural birth but are inspired to help others do so for your own self-healing and helping them do what wasn’t possible for you
  • You have had a natural, unmedicated birth and know exactly what worked for you for support and you want to give that to other women
  • You are a single parent and are looking for a way to stay home with your children while also earning an income with a career that you can have freedom with, making your own schedule and oftentimes bringing your children with you!
  • You are a nurturing person and have good mothering skills

How did you feel when reading about this certification? Did it create a desire within you that you've never felt before? Did you feel that it was something speaking to your heart and soul? Did you feel like it was a path you've been searching for? 

If you resonate with any of these points, book a 15-minute meeting with me. Let's find a way to help you become a Doula.
There is no better time than now...

"I’m so glad that I can be a doula who supports every birthing woman - even the ones that are thought of as crazy - like me!"

"Dayna gave me a private class to educate me about the Freeborn program.  I am already a doula but wanted to learn about how to support women who wanted unassisted births.

Now, I know this is not something that many people understand and judge as dangerous. I had an unassisted birth myself, so I understand fully why women want this. However, I had a doula present with me and although she didn’t do anything medical, her emotional support is what enabled me to have a successful unassisted birth.

Since that time I’ve had a few friends ask me if I could support them and educate them about unassisted birth so they felt safer doing so. There are such limited options for some people and during Covid-19, hospitals weren’t allowing Doulas in the room at all! This left many mothers with options they never considered before.

This information that Dayna offers about unassisted birth and doulas is unique and honestly, quite controversial. What I’ve learned from the queen of radical, Dayna, herself, we need to offer this support to those who need it or women have fewer choices. I’m so glad that I can be a doula who supports every birthing woman - even the ones that are thought of as crazy - like me!!

- Krystal, ME, USA

Three Powerful Ways Doulas Can Help Birthing


  • Sooth with touch (massage, counter pressure, etc)
  • Create a calm environment, like dimming lights & helping with water therapy (shower or tub)
  • Provide warmth or cold
  • Assist the client in walking to and from the bathroom
  • Offer ice chips, food, and drinks


  • Helps the birthing client feel cared for
  • Help them feel a sense of pride and empowerment after birth
  • Give continuous presence, reassurance & encouragement
  • Offer praise when needed
  • Help the woman see themselves or their situation more positively
  • Mirror - gently describe what the woman is experiencing and repeat back the same feelings & intensity
  • Keep them company and maintain a caring attitude
  • Help the woman work through fears and self-doubt
  • Debrief after birth while listening to the mother with empathy & understanding


  • Keeps the client & partner informed about what’s going on during labor
  • Suggests techniques for labor, such as relaxation & breathing, positioning & movement 
  • Finds evidence-based info about various options in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Explains medical procedures before or as they occur
  • Helps the partner understand what’s going on during the labor process

"I was so nervous to attend my first birth, but after Dayna prepared me I felt excited and ready. My fear melted away!"

I never knew a career could open up for me so quickly, either. I’ve already attended three births and I made my initial investment back after only one birth, (which my partner was so happy about). Dayna treats you as if you were family, and this created such a powerful feeling of me being part of something bigger than myself. The Freeborn Doula program changed my life for the better in so many ways and I will be forever grateful."

- Sharon, VA, USA

Eight Top Benefits of Becoming a Freeborn Doula


Have a career doing the most important work on this planet - bringing babies into this world with peace, joy and gentleness


There is no better job on this planet that makes more of a difference than being a Doula and helping parents step into this next stage of their lives. How a baby comes into this world has a profound impact on them for the rest of their lives. If a child comes into this world with peace, it sets the stage for a more peaceful dynamic between parent and child for a lifetime.


You are able to build life-long friendships and deep bonds with your clients


I don’t know of any other career on this planet where you can build such strong emotional bonds with your clients. Birth is the most profound of human experience and when you travel that rite of passage with a woman the relationship and bond you create is never broken. For the rest of your life you will remember that deep, primal connection and it’s a constant reminder of how important your role on this planet actually is - every single day!


You can make your own hours based around the needs of your family


Having your own business has been the most incredible experience as a woman. You feel empowered in being your own boss. You have flexibility to work when you want and you're able to change plans when the needs of your family or clients change. Being a Freeborn Doula means that you have the freedom to choose when you work, who you work with and how many clients you take per month. You can work around the needs of your growing family and your children see you as a strong, independent woman, creating the life that you desire and making money living your passion.


You have the potential to make $2500-$6000+ per month as a Doula*


It took a few months for my confidence to grow as a Doula. The more births that I attended the more experience and knowledge I gained. Once I saw the difference that I made in the lives of the families that I worked with, I had no problem asking for the money that I was worth. Doulas help cut back on time spent in labor, reduce a mom's anxiety, lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections) and improve mother-baby bonding post-birth. Of course hiring me was worth every penny!
*Past results don't guarantee future performance


Your children have the opportunity to witness what it means to live your purpose


When I started this career I had a two year old and was pregnant with my second child. Now with four children, two of which are adults, my kids have grown up watching me grow a career and live my purpose. They have learned right alongside me in varying degrees and my daughter, Tiffany (18) has been the birth photographer at distance births with me. My son Devin (21) has so much knowledge about birth and a level of trust in the process that he will be such an amazing support person for his partner when they decide to have kids. My daughter Ivy (15) is studying to become a veterinarian and this is partly influenced by her seeing me work hard and live my passion. She has a wonderful view of the natural process of birth with animals and how important it is to keep animal mothers and babies together after birth.

In short, me being a Doula has touched my children in ways that profoundly affects their lives and will forever be part of their outlook on the world. I’m so grateful for that.


The babies you will help bring into this world will feel like nieces and nephews


I am still in contact with each and every doula client that I’ve ever had. I see their children grow up through social media and they all hold a very special place in my heart. I’m invited to birthday parties and special events with the children who I’ve had the honor of helping enter the world. I look at their lives and wonder how different it would have been if I had not been there to remind their mother that she could do it and that she was strong and powerful. I’m like an aunt to the children who I’ve helped some into this world and to be part of their lives in any way is such an honor and it makes me feel part of something very special. It is like being part of a tribe and I love it.


You can create a strong community of other Doulas


Other Doula’s understand me. Birthworkers are a unique and special community in and of itself. When you are in this field you draw others to you who are also living with the burning passion to help support laboring and birthing women. You share your experiences and help one another through the emotional challenges that inevitably come with this work. We have Doula support groups and meetings and are part of a very special group of people with a calling like no other. My Doula family is like my soul-family.


You become a lifelong learner based on internal motivation


I am a lifelong learner and I am always growing in this profession. Each and every birth that I attend teaches me something new and that fire within me to expand my knowledge base is always being stoked. I never get bored because I am always learning something new. I am inspired to attend events that help me broaden my knowledge and to watch lectures and read about the newest information to be aware of for pregnant and birthing women.

For example, with the new birthing regulations in hospitals with Covid19, it was important for me to learn and study how to support women through labor if she wasn’t allowed to have anyone in the room. I needed to educate myself about the loopholes and options available to her and learning all that could enable me to be a source of information and strength for my clients during the pandemic was so important.

"Dayna taught me how to support other women with confidence and gentleness..."

"Dayna’s support and education about birth is so unique and empowering. It was a personal exploration of myself and why I was called to be a birthworker.

Dayna taught me how to support other women with confidence and gentleness,

all the while bringing her unique form of “badassery” to her approach! I love how she teaches and supports her clients and students!"

- Anna, NH, USA

Doula Certification Program Outline

A doula is a support person who provides non-medical, holistic care to the childbearing family.  A doula provides information, continuous physical and emotional labor support, minimizes pain and physical stress, and facilitates communication between the birthing woman, her partner and their birth team. A Freeborn Doula takes this support further to include the unique issues of Covid-19 such as Traveling Doula services and Remote Doula support and services.

The program is split into two parts:

Part I: Weeks 1 - 10
Part II: Weeks 11-20
For those who wish to become a doula, they will get both Part I and Part II of the training.
For those who already are experienced doulas but want to add on the remote training, will get Part II of the training


For those who wish to become newly certified doulas

Week One

The History of Birth and Birth Support

Learn when and why birth moved into the hospital and the many mistakes that were made which risked the lives of mothers and babies over the last one hundred years, and what is still practiced today

Week Two

Healing From our Past Experiences

Our own birth experiences have a profound impact on the way in which we support women in labor. Exploring our fears and healing from our past is essential before we can support others in the most unbiased and healthy ways possible.

Week Three

A Doula's Role in Pregnancy / Letting Go of Biases

“Not your birth, not your baby”. Learn how to let go of biases to best support your clients who make decisions that you wouldn’t make. Explore your own fears when clients make risky choices that are difficult to support. Compassion and understanding are the key to wonderful relationships with your clients.

Week Four

The Partnership Paradigm of Birth

In this class we discuss helping women trust their babies during pregnancy as an act of living in partnership. Our culture lives in an authoritarian approach to birth with the attitude that a woman’s body is a crisis waiting to happen. Here we learn how to encourage a partnership based paradigm from the beginning of life as it sets the stage of trust and partnership throughout parenthood.

Week Five

Assisted Birthing Options

Where to give birth - Home, Birth Centers and Hospitals. Learn about the various environments that women choose for their births and how to best support them in each.

Week Six

Interventions, Risks and Informed Consent

Educate yourself about the vicious cycle of interventions that take place in a typical hospital birth. Learn how to explain the risks of interventions so that your clients can make informed decisions.

Week Seven

Pain Management

Natural and Medical: How we talk about pain with our clients is important. From modern pain management to natural pain therapies, in this class we will discuss how to share about pain, strong sensations and the natural pain coping techniques available in homebirth, birth centers and hospital settings.

Week Eight

The Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor

In this class we focus on the stages of labor and how to best support clients through each phase. Learn to communicate and honor your partners needs. Some mothers need physical support and some emotional. Some need physical touch and others need all three. Learn which phase of labor that your clients are in just by observing their emotions. Explore how you can best support the laboring mother during various phases.

Week Nine


More than just breastfeeding basics, you will learn about inducing lactation, breast anatomy, latches, ties, benefits of breastfeeding, assisting with breastfeeding issues, and alternative feeding methods.

Week Ten

Attachment Parenting

Learn about the necessity of the in-arms phase and how to promote attachment parenting practices such as babywearing, co-sleeping, child-led weaning. We will also discuss mood disorders, postpartum depression and how to best prepare and support clients through these challenges.


For those who wish to become newly certified doulas as well as existing & experienced doulas

Week Eleven

Unassisted Birth Support

In this class we explore the growing trend of unassisted birth and why so many women are choosing this option. Educate yourself about the legalities and risks of taking part in unassisted childbirth and the steps you need to take to be confident in this role of supporting this controversial decision.

Week Twelve

The Traveling Doula

Learn about the exciting life of being a traveling doula! Don’t let distance be a factor with who you are able to support. Dayna will share how she gets paid to travel the world supporting women as a doula and how her children have been involved with birthwork by her side.

Week Thirteen

Supporting New Parents

Help parents learn what to expect and educate them about important parenting issues such as circumcision, vaccines, sleep training and the pressure from well-meaning friends and family to do things in a way that conflicts with the new parents instinct.

Week Fourteen

Importance of Self-Care In Birth Work and Secondary Trauma

Self-Care as a doula is so essential! Learn how to keep your cup full and overflowing in order to support your clients. We will also cover the intensity of experiencing secondary trauma and PTSD after witnessing a difficult or traumatic birth.

Week Fifteen

The Business of Birthwork

Learn the various services you can offer your clients and how to know what to charge.  We go over what to change, branding, interviews, prenatal appointments, having back-ups, marketing, self promotion, contracts and waivers. Dayna will help you let go of fears surrounding being an entrepreneur so you can become the fullest version of yourself while making an excellent living living your purpose!

Week Sixteen

Freeborn Childbirth Education Classes

In this class we will explore how to structure childbirth education classes based on Freeborn philosophy. You will learn how to promote classes to not just your clients, but to your community as a whole. We will discuss visual aids, videos, music, environment, role-playing and birth art to make your classes stand out as being special and unique.

Week Seventeen

Bereavement / Loss

The very difficult but important side of being a doula. This class covers various forms of losses and how to support a family through them. This Includes miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, and other tragic forms of infant loss.

Week Eighteen

Cultural Awareness /  LGBTQ Support

It is crucial for birth workers to be familiar with and cultural boundaries surrounding fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You as a birth worker must be aware of the inequality issues surrounding birth and how best to support your community as a whole. In this class you will also learn about the differences in working with the LGBTQ+ community and what they may face as opposed to heterosexual couples when it comes to pregnancy, birth, stereotypes, parental rights and more.

Week Nineteen

Hosting a Blessingway and Support Circles

Blessingways are a Native American ceremony that honors the mother-to-be as she prepares for birth. It is an alternative to the traditional baby shower and something missing in our culture that you, as the doula, can provide your clients. We will also talk about offering parenting support circles in your area or virtually, to help parents have ongoing support and community.

Week Twenty

Congratulations! You’re a DOULA!!

In this class you will share your personal mission statements and set the intentions for your doula practice. You will also share your Doula vision boards and share what you gained from the certification process in the journey to becoming a Freeborn Doula.

You're a Star

Additional Information

In addition to weekly Zoom classes, students are asked to read 5 or more books from the recommended reading list and write a short essay or create a video to share how each book impacted their lives and how it helped prepare them to be a Freeborn Doula.

Students have up to 12 months to complete the program, but many finish after 5-6 months.

Doula students are asked to attend one (1)  birth in person or remotely and share their experience by writing an essay or through creating a video.

"I’ve had two clients so far and with both I know that
I made a huge difference"

"One of the coolest things about Dayna’s program is that I learned how to be a confident businesswoman and to charge for what I’m worth.

I didn’t realize her program would cover the business side of being a Doula. I thought it would be boring stuff to learn about, but somehow Dayna made it fun! I’ve had two clients so far and with both I know that I made a huge difference. One of my clients even sent me flowers and a card after their birth thanking me! It was so rewarding!"

- Erica, FL, USA

Are You Ready To Get Started?

I was once in the exact place that you are now, making a decision on whether to invest in my future or to continue living life as I had been. I decided to take a risk and invest in my personal evolution to better myself and create a lasting and fulfilling career.

To Get This Certification It Would Normally Cost You


However, for a limited time, you'll be able to start building your Doula business...

For Those Who Are Not Yet Doulas...


(which you can make back
after attending only ONE birth)

For Existing Doulas Who Want To Expand Their Business Globally with aRemote Service Certification...


(to add onto experienced doula's existing practice)

Freeborn Doula Training requires that you attend one (1) birth during the training process - in person or remotely.

There are only three steps you need to take to join the certification program...


Book a free 15-minute call via the calendar at the most convenient day and time that fits your schedule


During the call, Dayna Martin will have a chat with you to determine your big WHY, and if you'll be a good fit for the certification


If you are accepted into the certification program, you'll be invited to enroll and get started when it begins

"Your life will never be the same after
working with this woman!"

"If you’ve never met Dayna Martin, believe me when I say, your life will never be the same after working with this woman! Her passion for freedom and peace with birth is unprecedented. I looked into other programs but none felt like a good fit until I found the Freeborn method that Dayna created. I love that she teaches about non-judgement for clients' choices. That was a hard one for me, but it was important for me to overcome my own bias to better serve mothers and fathers-to-be. Thank you, Dayna, for your very important work in this world! To be trained by you says something to my potential clients. It’s a unique philosophy and level of trust that Dayna teaches that no other programs have."

- Kim, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a doula?

The Freeborn Doula Certification Program trusts it’s students to go at the speed that best suits their lifestyle. This means you can take as long or as short as you’d like. Some doulas can finish up the training in as little as six weeks. Other students take their time and just work on the training when time naturally opens up for them, with mothering as the top priority. This approach enables students from many different walks of life to be able to complete the training whenever they can fit it into their lives.

Do I have to have a college degree to become a doula?

No. All you need is a passion for moms and babies, trust in the natural birthing process, and the desire to learn.

How long do I have to complete the doula training?

You have six months from the time you sign up to complete the training. The average time to complete the program is 6-12 weeks if you work about an hour a day. But you can work less than that per day and do it over a longer period of time.

Can I be certified with more than one organization?

Many experienced Doulas want to add the Freeborn Remote Support and Travelling Doula Support to their already existing Doula practice. If you are already certified through another organization, you can request the option at checkout to take part in the 10-week program created especially for experienced doulas. Once completed you will be a certified Freeborn Doula listed on our online directory.

Am I too young to become a doula?

There is no minimum age to train through the Freeborn program. Many teen mothers would thrive with peer support and having a doula their age would be incredibly empowering to them.

Do I have to have children to become a doula?

No, many doulas start their work without having children of their own. Some have seen the births of their siblings and have first hand experience witnessing natural, healthy births.

I’m interested in becoming a doula, am I too old?

No! There are no age restrictions on becoming a doula. Many women decide to become a doula once their children start having children, as they want to be up to date on the best information to help their own children through their pregnancies and births. Some women decide to become a doula once their children leave the home. Some are older mothers who wish to empower women who become pregnant in their 40’s and even their 50’s!

When can I start working with clients?

Most doulas start working with clients right away after finishing the program. Some even book clients while they are still training if their clients due date falls after the time when they will complete the program.

When will I officially be a Freeborn Doula?

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course, in both PDF and PNG formats. The PDF version is print quality. In addition to receiving these digital files, you will also have your name listed on the Freeborn Doula’s website which will serve the dual purpose of validating your credentials and advertising your services as a doula.

Freeborn Doula Training requires that you attend two (2) births during the training process - in person or remotely.