Fast-Track Advocacy Program

Join Me For Eight Weeks of Transformation

Week One

Your Journey from Childhood to Parenthood

  • Solidify your intention by telling your story through video or writing, of what calls you to advocate for children and families
  • Find what helps and hinders you from your own upbringing
  • Share about your past in your own way: through speaking, poetry, art, music or animation
  • Focus on how your abuse or trauma brought you to where you are today
  • Discover what you are grateful for in the painful memories
  • Realize what you'd like others to learn by what you've been through
  • Learn how to turn your pain into power and why this is so important on this journey in helping other parents
  • Gain incredible insight into how your perspective can change the world through you owning your past and stepping up to focus on the learning and growth to becoming who you are today
  • Learn why your parenting journey gives you the gift of contrast or experience in helping others
  • Learn why sharing from a place of vulnerability is the greatest gift for other parents who are struggling to find the confidence to do what feels right
  • Understand how to turn your parent's mistakes around as teachable moments to educate your audience through what you’ve learned through what not to do

Week Two

Discovering your Advocacy Archetype

Are you a Space-holder, a Wayseer, a Braveheart or a Collective Voice?

Discovering your archetype in how you'd like to advocate will help Dayna mentor you in the direction you are meant to be.

Maybe you are a combination of archetypes? This self-discovery process will aid you in discovering what you are naturally powerful with and what you need to work on to bring you to a space of being able to experience all you are meant to experience as an advocate and coach.

This process gives you a baseline of where to begin in finding you unique space in the realm of advocacy which will guide you in how to layout your personal purpose or mission

Learn how to use your “weaknesses” as strengths and how to allow the fear of “being seen”

Week Three

Advocacy through YouTube, Blogging, Writing, Authoring, Speaking & Traveling

  • Learn the benefits of the pitfalls of advocating through YouTube. How your unique and creative side can be used to make you stand out through this medium.
  • Learn the basics of video editing and how you can grow a younger audience through YouTube which can later serve to promote freedom and children’s rights to children and teens for the next generation
  • Learn how blogging can be a powerful tool for advocacy and also be profitable!
  • Learn about modern-day blogging through different platforms and tools
  • Start a blog. How often to write in it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Is blogging worth the time or do you find it to be a “dying art?”
  • Blogs as personal websites to keep track of your children’s learning
  • Learn how to share about your life, fearlessly
  • There are hundreds of parenting conferences all over the world every year. Learn the secrets of being asked to speak.
  • Learn how to get on the speaker-list of a events all over the world
  • Learn good conference etiquette and what NOT to do when contacting event organizers
  • Learn about transcriptions as a means to present written interviews to those who request them. Saying yes to any and all opportunities may be hard to accomplish time-wise.
  • Gain tools to turn video interviews into written ones and how you CAN do it all despite the time it all requires to get it done.
  • Experience the ways in which you can “bend time” and always have time for any and all things that you want to do in your life, in both parenting and advocacy

Week Four

Becoming an Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting Coach

Do you give people advice and support already? Do friends come to you with their most emotionally challenging questions about parenting? Do you have an intuitive knowing that you are meant to help others?

The career of a parenting coach is fulfilling and it is very much needed right now! Coaches are in high demand but how to build your own coaching business may be intimidating or scary. Dayna will help you get started and will share with you the secret formula for getting quality clients who will pay what you are worth. The more money you make, the more people you can help!

Week Five

Offering Meet-ups, Classes and Workshops

  • Learn why starting your own group on Facebook can bring the perfect audience right to you
  • Learn how to create trust through volunteering your time answering questions - even if you source out the answers
  • Learn the many benefits of organizing local or online meetups in any town or city
  • Gain valuable leadership skills by answering questions in a casual & relaxing setting
  • Take action to provide a space for others to get support from
  • Gain confidence through building a community network even if it’s completely out of your comfort zone to do so
  • Understand how to promote yourself as a peaceful parenting educator
  • Write a mock-up ad for your local paper advertising your classes
  • Learn how to attract your perfect clientele through powerful verbiage such as; “Children behave as well as they are treated”

Week Six

Self-Promotion and Marketing

I will share how my most shocking social media posts brought me to the forefront of the Unschooling movement. Learn bravery to live out loud and how to cope with the many emotionally triggering aspects of negative feedback through doing so. You will gain insight into the minds of those we trigger most and how having compassion, instead of reactiveness will lead to self-love and respect for others opinions.

  • Learn how to promote yourself as an advocate by bravely sharing your beliefs without fear
  • Learn how to handle criticism & what to do when they unfriend you...
  • Allowing new friends to come into your life while others move away
  • How to easily deal with negativity & handle online criticism with grace and dignity
  • How to open your mind and heart to holding space for others
  • Understand that it’s not you - it’s them!
  • How to not personalize negative comments and how to hold space for others, instead

Week Seven

Inner Work Through Self Awareness

You may ask how I get everything done that I want to. This week I will teach you my secrets of creating balance in my life, despite my compulsive and sometimes unrelenting drive to achieve perfection in all that I do. Balance is about letting go of unrealistic expectations and instead of accepting the energy of co-creation and the help of others in achieving all that you want to in your life as a parent, an advocate, a creative and a perfectionist.

Living with perfectionism and accepting the less-than-perfect outcomes of your efforts are all part of success. Understanding and being aware of who you truly are is so essential on the path to personal growth. This week you will gain the skills to OWN your strengths and your weaknesses! We will practice speaking the truth of our capabilities - good and bad and in turn, open the opportunities for real change in ourselves and our lives.

Week Eight

Your Career as a Coach and Advocate: Challenges and Successes

This week you will partner up with another student and learn from one another. You will practice taking turns at being the mentor and the protege and teach one another skills that you excel at, expanding on both of your strengths as a goal. Being honest about what we need help with is hard, but this is where you really expand your expertise! You will grow enormously through these exercises this week and learn how to ask for help to be a forever student of life.

You’ve made it through Dayna Martin’s Fast-Track Advocate Program! What was the most difficult part for you? What do you need more work on? What surprised you? What empowered you? This week you’ll share the emotional journey of working through the program. Healing and personal growth are never easy, but you did it. YOU have begun the exciting career of being a professional advocate with Dayna as your mentor!

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"I’ve Been Invited To Speak at Several Conferences..."

"Hiring Dayna as my mentor was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made for my career. I’ve learned so much from her and she was by my side as I became more public about my beliefs as a parent.

I’ve been invited to speak at several conferences and have been part of organizing a few others. The skills that I have gained in my life through working with Dayna have made me not only a better advocate, but a better parent as well.

If you think you are too shy to take a step like this, please reconsider what you are capable of, because with Dayna as your mentor, you will accomplish more than you ever knew possible!"

- Christina Cretella

"Dayna Has Helped Me To Rediscover Who I Am..."

"Since discovering Dayna's work, I have dreamed of working for her and learning more about radical unschooling, peaceful parenting and today that dream is my reality. Dayna's mentoring, guidance and peaceful approach to life has facilitated me to step up into being a single parent and strengthened my own journey of de-schooling myself.

Having Dayna in my life has bought a sense of peace, passion and patience into my daily living which I have always wanted to feel.

As a soul destiny coach and psychic medium, my work with clients requires me to embody a state of peace and receptivity in order to provide the light they are searching for.

Parenting solo has bought a whole new edge to my life and my work and Dayna has helped me to rediscover who I am now as a parent, an advocate and creative ways to build domestic peace for my daughter and I as a family together. We are forever grateful to Dayna for being in our lives and guiding us through this journey to become better and stronger each and every day. We love you Dayna, keep shining and being you!"

- Deborah & Sage, Conscious Living Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm afraid of public speaking?

I was too! I still am, actually, but now I have important things to say to help shift humanity, so I do it anyway. Professional speakers deal with the same negative emotions and fears that you feel, they just have gained tools and tricks to deal with it and work through it.

You will learn these tips and tricks as part of the program to help you gain the confidence to work with your fears, instead of having them inhibit you from chasing your dreams.

Also, you don’t have to speak at events and conferences to be an advocate. If it isn’t something you think you’d enjoy don’t worry! You can choose whatever path of advocacy you’d like. This is why I will be educating you about the many different avenues of advocacy.  My program will give you all of the support, information and tools you need to discover what YOU as an individual excel at and enjoy!

The needs of my children are intense! How could I fit this into my life?

Becoming a professional advocate and coach is a parent-sized career. I always include my family in my speaking trips and travel excursions. I always shared with those who asked her to speak that I was a “package-deal” and included any of my kids who wanted to come on a trip with me to be able to.

Combining being a mother with living my purpose to help others live in freedom and peace was something I never wavered from. I knew that my career was never an either/or dichotomy and making a living while caring for my children was always something I balanced. I’m certain that you will be able to also, when you learn how.

What if I don’t have the money for a program like this?

“When we are truly in alignment with our purpose, we are always provided for. The means for us to live our dreams is always found.”

This is one of my mantras that I have always carried with me over the last two decades. When I wanted to become a childbirth teacher, I found the means by selling my used books online to cover the cost of the program. I had yard sales and reached out to family and friends asking if they had anything I could do for them to earn the money. It all worked out and everything in my life always has in this way.

It will for you too, when you have the faith and confidence to simply ASK! Ask the Universe for what you want. Ask friends and family to support you in the decision. Ask your partner and children to be by your side to help you achieve your dreams.

A way is always found!

What if I’m afraid to be public with my beliefs in parenting?

It does take a certain level of bravery to live out loud. Preparing yourself for criticism and judgement is part of the package when you decide to step into this life. However, you have something you have never had before... When you join my program you have ME! You have the utmost support and you will learn how to handle the criticism with grace, respect and dignity.

You will learn the tools necessary to be able to let go of fear surrounding living your purpose. You will learn all of this as part of the program because it is essential in order to live out loud with what you advocate and support others with.

You’ve got all you need to handle whatever will come your way through this year-long training.

Can I really make a difference in the world?

I never would have guessed that I could have made the impact that I have on the course of human history, but I have! There has never been a time where you were more needed than you are today. Your voice is important and powerful and you will be working with the strongest force in humankind - LOVE!

Bringing more peace and freedom to the lives of others is something you are meant to do. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. You wouldn’t be contemplating stepping into the space of a new career to help cultivate your purpose.

I never knew that I’d be traveling the world - from Australia to China, to India, to Mexico and beyond, but that is how deeply needed I am to the course of human evolution through speaking about the rights and respect that all children deserve. This is a huge deal. YOU are incredibly valuable and you deserve to live your dreams through this incredible opportunity to work with me one on one with me supporting, encouraging and coaching you along your journey. You will never be alone through any of this.

You are important and the world NEEDS you! Let go of fear and focus on what you want and the means, time and everything else you need to step into this new phase of your life will be created for you. Trust what you are called to do and let go of the doubt, fear and insecurity. I believe in you - it’s time to own your purpose and step into this new opportunity. You have everything it takes and all that you need to be a huge success! I believe in you!