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Dayna Martin

Hi, Dayna here! I'm so excited that you've made the decision to join my Freeborn Doula Certification Program. I'm confident it will change your life & career in incredible ways, and I look forward to support you on this journey from start to finish. To start, please read the terms and conditions below and then fill out your information and payment details.

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    I commit to giving my very best time, attention, focus, & energy to this program during the 20 week duration
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    I understand that this program starts on the designated start date as given by Dayna Martin
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    I agree that there are no refunds given for this offer, so all sales are final. This is because Dayna wants serious & committed people on the program.

Note: If your payment does not go through, and you know you have enough balance on your valid card, please call your bank to check if their automatic security system blocked the payment. Usually this is common for large payments, so you can get them to unblock it and try again about 30 minutes afterwards.

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  • Existing Doulas

For those who want to become Freeborn Doulas, this is the full program, which also includes the Remote/Travelling Doula upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a doula?

The Freeborn Doula Certification Program trusts it’s students to go at the speed that best suits their lifestyle. This means you can take as long or as short as you’d like. Some doulas can finish up the training in as little as six weeks. Other students take their time and just work on the training when time naturally opens up for them, with mothering as the top priority. This approach enables students from many different walks of life to be able to complete the training whenever they can fit it into their lives.

Do I have to have a college degree to become a doula?

No. All you need is a passion for moms and babies, trust in the natural birthing process, and the desire to learn.

How long do I have to complete the doula training?

You have six months from the time you sign up to complete the training. The average time to complete the program is 6-12 weeks if you work about an hour a day. But you can work less than that per day and do it over a longer period of time.

Can I be certified with more than one organization?

Many experienced Doulas want to add the Freeborn Remote Support and Travelling Doula Support to their already existing Doula practice. If you are already certified through another organization, you can request the option at checkout to take part in the 10-week program created especially for experienced doulas. Once completed you will be a certified Freeborn Doula listed on our online directory.

Am I too young to become a doula?

There is no minimum age to train through the Freeborn program. Many teen mothers would thrive with peer support and having a doula their age would be incredibly empowering to them.

Do I have to have children to become a doula?

No, many doulas start their work without having children of their own. Some have seen the births of their siblings and have first hand experience witnessing natural, healthy births.

I’m interested in becoming a doula, am I too old?

No! There are no age restrictions on becoming a doula. Many women decide to become a doula once their children start having children, as they want to be up to date on the best information to help their own children through their pregnancies and births. Some women decide to become a doula once their children leave the home. Some are older mothers who wish to empower women who become pregnant in their 40’s and even their 50’s!

When can I start working with clients?

Most doulas start working with clients right away after finishing the program. Some even book clients while they are still training if their clients due date falls after the time when they will complete the program.

When will I officially be a Freeborn Doula?

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course, in both PDF and PNG formats. The PDF version is print quality. In addition to receiving these digital files, you will also have your name listed on the Freeborn Doula’s website which will serve the dual purpose of validating your credentials and advertising your services as a doula.

Freeborn Doula Training requires that you attend two (2) births during the training process - in person or remotely.