What is Deschooling?

In this video Dayna explores the concept of deschooling. The process of deschooling for both child and parent is a mental and emotional journey. We have to literally deprogram ourselves from years of traditional education. It can be scary – but it’s feels so amazing, so right…


  1. Although I do enjoy your videos greatly, and I bless the internet for allowing everyone to hear..Well, everything rather receive a constant single mainstream line of thought; the fact you constantly express how overzealous you are regarding the hyperbolic pleasures and delight of Deschooling irritated me greatly; it feels like you’re trying to -sell- something rather say anything; that may happened due to the very likely occurrence that you did not prepare your lecture for this podcast, just went ahead with it.

    Although I feel like this is rather pointless, seeing how old this video is and how little videos you keep producing.

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