The Role of Unschooling Parents

In this video, Dayna breaks down the myths of traditional education, and shows us parents how we can actively engage in the interest of our children. Exploration and interest are key factors in real learning. Parents are the ultimate facilitator of learning – and it’s fun!


  1. Hello,
    First I’d like to say that I am very glad that I ran into your videos on utube. I have been homeschooling for about 7 years and have gone through many methods. Including, unknowingly, unschooling. I would say I dabble in all of them almost daily. I would like to be more encouraging to my childrens’ interests, so I have a question. I agree with a lot of what you say, but I am not sure how to teach things like reading, spelling, writing in an unstructured environment. How is this accomplished in unschooling?
    Thank you so much,

    • Rachelle says

      Reading, spelling and writing come naturally and unfold alongside everything else. Dayna said it when she said her son made a comic of sausage making… he was practicing languaging through following his momentary passion. And through practice and time in all that he explores, this will hone these skills also. Children will ask for help with these things when they desire to spell or write correctly.

  2. Love this one. I love learning with my kids. Everyday I learn something new along with them.

  3. Dayna, wow your message is so inspiring and so affirming of what feels right in my bones. The frustrating part is seeing and realising how much further I still have to go, what I still have to let go of from my control conditioning…
    There’s also uncertainty around some decisions I make for my two little ones aged 3 and 4years for example, I am so aware of the energy shift at bedtime when my kids resist it but I’m set on a certain time, out of fear they wont get enough sleep and I’ll be dealing with tired toddlers the following day, and also my need to have time at night to myself (as I’m a single working mum and that’s when I get stuff done) or not allowing them sugar or preservatives or meat out of fear of them getting sick and also feeling they cant know the science and ethics behind those choices and the consequences of them etc…is there a middle ground here? these are the main concerns I have, an interestingly the ONLY areas where there is ever conflict or disconnection between us…I can feel it the more awareness I have and it know that probably a massive let go is required, as difficult as that may seem!. thank you for inspiring xxxxxx

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