Opposition to Unschooling

Dayna talks about the challenges of getting the unschooling philosophy across, as well as the challenges of non-unschoolers of grasping something so different. It is possible though! Change is a hard thing – it’s a process. The first step to change is always opposition. Discover how you can facilitate your child’s learning – to walk along side them. Find your purpose, interest, drive – open your mind and live your dream…


  1. VERY interesting point on child athletes and actors being accepted for homeschooling!. Love it!

  2. Hi Dayna,
    I’ve just watched your radio interview with Stefan Molyneux, and I really love your philosophy. I am currently home schooling two of my children, bordering on unschooling as I give them the choice of what they want to learn every day. My youngest will be joining us at the end of this year as well. My question however, is how do you get around any requirements from your local school board regarding curriculum and grading? Thanks very much for everything you share about your experiences ;))

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