Authentic Parenting

Dayna discusses authentic parenting, and raising kids in a healthy way. She encourages us to avoid the scripts of mainstream child-rearing, and to be ourselves – to be authentic with our kids. Let’s be kind and respectful to our children. Punishment doesn’t work. Find out what does…


  1. So many parents dont go with their gut instincts they follow a script when in fact if we work with our kids to find solutions. even explaining that we try not to do somethings incase it hurts another person is better than removing them from what is happening as they wont learn let them see the person get upset or crying and let them understand its because of their action. parents a judged daily by people who know nothing about them or their lives which is sad. parent from the heart thats all we can do

  2. I love it, passionately. You say things so well. Shared. <3

  3. What a great video! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it.

  4. This video is one that I think I will want to save and watch for those times that being a parent and doing the “right thing” seems overwhelming.

  5. Ok, so what do you do for a consequence? How do you teach your child right from wrong? If I speed and get a ticket, that is my own fault. I get a consequence. How to you convey that to your child? My daughter gets into things ALL the time. I lock stuff up and she still gets into it. She knows how to break child locks and does so all the time as well,we have made many trips into the ER on account of her getting into things. How would I get her to stop? She also beats on her brother all this time as well. She gets mad at him for using her toys. How do I stop that?

    • Mel, it sounds like you have an intense and highly intelligent child! She needs extra time and attention from you to get her curiosity and needs met. And most likely, you need extra support to get your own batteries recharged. I speak from experience! My son was like your daughter, but at 8 years, he has a lot more reason and self-control. I found that punishments, reward systems and getting upset at him didn’t work. It always helped for me to follow my heart and give him lots of attention, look for what his needs were, look for what his triggers were, and help him manage all of that. With your loving guidance, you will probably start to see that your daughter is actually MORE sensitive and compassionate than her peers.

      I also found that it was really important for me to have a few other key caregivers who could honor and allow my son to be who he is while respectfully helping him through his challenges. That way, I didn’t feel solely responsible for outcomes, a heavy burden and not healthy for one person to feel so responsible for another person’s feelings, actions and experience.

      Wishing you courage,

    • One thing we have in our family is personal property rights. Certain toys and belongings of importance to the child are exempt from group sharing. Some toys are for everyone but some are not. This drastically reduced sibling fighting. Yes the littles needed to learn that some things are not up for grabs but the owners also needed to learn to keep the restricted belongings put away and safe. If something was left out and about it is considered available for sharing. Once the child felt safe that their item was theirs they opened up on sharing after a while on their own.

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  7. Hello there,

    I’m just curious to know, after watching this video, what do you think of people like Jo on the show Supernanny? I always really liked that show and I wouldn’t know what to do if my child was acting out or being unruly like many of the children that appear on that show. Would you say that it may have to do with how the parents treated their kids previously? And perhaps the discipline wasn’t the biggest thing they needed – instead they needed love moreso? I just have a lot of questions about this kind of topic…

  8. Oh my thank you for this. I love your point of view. I agree, I want to do this more and more for the sake of my children’s happiness as well as our family as a whole. I am truly trying to raise my babies the way I wasn’t and I find it hard. I will never stop trying and I wish more people were like you. Your kids are so blessed to have you as their Mommy.

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