Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting Coaching with The UnNanny; Dayna Martin

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Let me show you how to let go of fear, and step into trust of your child’s innate goodness and ability to discern what is best for themselves. I offer phone and Skype Unschooling/Peaceful Parenting Coaching and also in-person UnNanny visits on an individual basis, after an interview is conducted with the family. Send me a message today and get started on the journey of joyful, freedom-based parenting focused on connection, rather than control. World Peace starts with you modelling peaceful communication and respect to your children while honoring their needs as much as your own. Begin today by setting up an appointment with me, and checking out the resources here on my website.”

Dayna offers phone and Skype coaching sessions to show you how peaceful parenting, Radical Unschooling can transform your family life through allowing more freedom, love and connection. She will share how the traditional authoritarian paradigm is damaging to your relationship with your children and why punishments, limiting and control make parenting something unpleasant and painful. Once you learn why traditional parenting is damaging to a child, you will never look back! Dayna’s approach is common sense and you will be amazed at how relaxed, and peaceful your life becomes after connecting with her.

If you don’t know what to do instead of controlling and punishing those you love, Dayna can present options for you to you have never considered before. She will give you tools to change your deeply ingrained programming. You will become more engaged, more loving after only one call with Dayna. You have so much to gain through reaching out for support. 

Dayna works on a sliding scale and no one will be turned away. Her passion and desire to help others on the peaceful parenting path is unprecedented. She works with families from every background and lifestyle. Her techniques and advice are common sense, yet groundbreaking. She has worked with doctors, lawyers, writers, actors, single parents, families on the road, foster families grandparents, blended families and those in crisis who have no support. Her work is respected worldwide and she can help you transform your family to the peaceful state you long for.

Say goodbye to power struggles, fighting, rebellion and disconnected relationships with your children. A life of freedom, connection, peace and strong family bonds are only a call away.

Dayna works on a sliding scale. Contact her today to set up your session, today!

NEW! Dayna accepts Bitcoin for coaching sessions!