Unschooling: Just Say YES!

Saying “Yes” is the secret to an Unschooling life in partnership. Finding ways to help your children get what they want, instead of being the wall between them and their desires, is a major cultural shift! When we make our primary goal to live in joy and connection with our children, everything else falls into place naturally.

Radical Unschooling philosophy is not a list of rules of do’s and don’ts. It is living with the principles of love, connection and respect. This naturally brings us to saying “yes” more often. It may look like, “Yes, we can do that today!”, or it may look like, “Yes, as soon as I finish making lunch we can do that together.” Or, “Yes! We can buy that toy. Let’s think of ways to make the money to be able to buy that for you.”

In the same respectful and loving way that you would help your partner or a best friend get what they want in life, you can support your Unschooling child. We have so much cultural conditioning of saying, “No!”, from the way we were raised, in the beginning it can feel strange to say “yes”, to our children. Once you begin to live in a partnership paradigm, you begin rethinking so much. You often times need to stop and think before answering or reacting. It is normal for parents new to this life to say,  “No”, as a knee-jerk reaction, then stop and think and say, “Wait! I change my mind. Sure we can do that!” This rethinking and reprogramming is all part of the process.

Pretty soon, saying “Yes!” will become second nature. When we say “Yes” to our children, they are happy to say “Yes” to the needs and desires of others as well. Children learn what they live. When we value our children’s wants and needs, they learn that respecting others is part of life. They learn that we are all here on this planet to help one another get what we want. They never have to struggle, lie, cheat or steal to get their needs met. They know they can count on us, always, to help them get exactly what they want in life.

Here are some creative and fun ways to say “Yes” more to your child. Happy Unschooling!

45 47 Ways to Say YES!

affirmative, all right, alrighty, amen, as you say, aye, beyond a doubt, by all means, certainly, definitely, even so, exactly, fine, gladly, good, good enough, granted, indubitably, just so, most assuredly, naturally, of course, okay, positively, precisely, Roger, right on, sure thing, surely, true, undoubtedly, unquestionably, very well, willingly, without fail, yep, sure, why not?, no problem, give the nod, agreed, fair enough, yeah, indeed, absolutely, you betcha, and my personal favorite – hell ya!



  1. I think a biggie here is, “They learn that we are all here on this planet to help one another get what we want”. It’s all about cooperation and collaboration. Why would we treat children’s wants and needs any differently than those of adults? Sometimes a spontaneous request by a child is just what an adult needs to kick them out of their comfort zone, have more fun, and think differently. I have never gotten an “unreasonable” request from a child…maybe it was something we needed to think more about before it could be done…but it was always doable! Thanks Dayna!

    • Kelleigh,

      Thank you so much for your inspiring comment! I love that you share you have never received an unreasonable request from a child. Beautiful!


  2. Don’t forget the Minnesotan “yes,” “You Betchya!!!!”

  3. Hello Dayna,

    I am Debra Mann Morton’s mom.

    I am still trying to know the benefit of unschooling. What if they want to go onto business school or community college or a trade school. How would that work? I just wonder how they will be able to support themselves or stay out of the military if needed.

    Thanks for listening.

    Bev Mann Paris

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