Our Radical Unschooling Life – The Video!

Here is a video of our family where I share why we choose to live the life we do with our children. I explain the philosophy of Radical Unschooling in detail and Joe shares his views. Please comment below and share why you choose to parent the way you do. Are you Unschooling? Do you wish you could? What is holding you back from living the life of your dreams with your children?
Thank you for watching! ~Dayna


  1. We unschool and feel so grateful to be on this path. like you – our home is a fun, creative place to be where learning takes place every second of everyday. my son is almost 7-years-old and is extremely active, very bright, creative in non-conventional ways (making large sculptures in the yard out of recycling and/or old stuff from the barn, hours upon hours of legos, making costumes out of card-board and duct tape), does not readily follow along, is able to see multiple ways to solve challenges, is not afraid to speak his mind, and learning is a full body experience for him (all attributes that public schools do not value in children). I can only imagine how different our lives would be if he were to be at school –
    thanks for the video and inspiration – peace

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