NEW! Unschooling Video Series!


I am happy to share that I am creating Unschooling videos again. It has been six years since my last video series. Now that I have a teenager and many more years of personal experience under our belt, it is time to share our experience and Radical Unschooling philosophy with the world, once again!

Enjoy these videos and check back often. We will be uploading new videos here every week.

~Peace & Love, Dayna


In this video I discuss sex, relationships and the myth of teen rebellion with Unschooled teens, Rileigh and my son, Devin.


In this video, I  discuss freedom with food, bedtimes and media with Unschooled teens, my son, Devin and our friend, Rileigh. The teens discuss how control negatively affects the parent/child relationship and how it warps your relationship with food, media and sleep cycles. The teens also discuss personal relationships.


  1. As a former unschooled teen and future unschooling mom, this is making me all kinds of giddy. We need more positive portrayals of unschoolers, and this is fabulous. The total freedom in your conversation is incredible — most teens would never discuss their sexual relationships with their parents or friends’ parents, but Devin and Rileigh are so open and free of drama and awkwardness. These videos are wonderful. Thank you for doing this.

    • Kjerstin,
      Thank you for your comment. We have always had an open line of discussion with our children about sex. Being a birth worker, my kids are used to me talking about not only birth, but the continuum of sexuality that birth actually is. Devin has even witnessed the birth of his siblings.

      ~Peace & Love, Dayna

  2. Hey whats with the camera man whispering lines to Devin? lol I can hear that! Great videos, very insightful!

    • Ha! Yes, it was Joe reminding Devin that we didn’t have permission to speak about our experience with an upcoming show that we are going to be on.
      Thanks for commenting.

      ~Peace & Love, Dayna

  3. Morning Star says

    These videos are great! They are positive affirmations for every fiber of my being, thanks for making them.

  4. Us too!!! (and I’m just the mom!) ­čÖé
    We would love to find other like-minded, unschooled kids (for my daughter) and like-minded, unschooled parents (for me) to chat with.


  5. Hi Dayna. I’m loving the videos… thank you for making them, and sharing them ­čÖé

    I love the rebellion discussion… that when children have no limits or boundaries set on them, then there is just nothing to rebel against… even as a teenager!

    So true ­čÖé

    Love Alice.

  6. “our” son, not “are” ­čÖé

  7. Hi Dayna, I am very new to unschool and loving everything I am reading. I have two girls, 6yrs and 16mnths. We homeschooled last year through a charter school until we moved from San Diego to Seattle just one month ago. I knew there was something different we could be doing. My daughter is very head strong and independent and i am learning that unschooling may be the best way for her to learn. I am a full blown natural parent and this fully fits our lifestyle. But like I said, I am still learning, or should I say I am “unlearning” how to relax a little more about schedules and routines. I am also trying to explain the concept to my husband and everyone around me! He gets it more so then everyone else, but, as most did, he grew up in a typical “I’m the adult and you will do what I say” household. I have 2 questions: 1. any tips for a new unschooler and her not so convinced husband? 2. if your child has specific food allergies and is very sensitive to certain foods, how do you let them eat what they want at such a young age? She is very smart and knows what foods do not make her feel well, but I hate to see her eat what she shouldn’t and then she doesn’t feel well, sometimes for days, sometimes mentally which can be hard for all of us. I don’t usually keep any food in the house she can’t eat, but what about when we are out in or the store? Sorry I made this long! I am excited the unschooling convention is in WA! it’s like it was ment for us to move here just to go! Will you be there?
    Thanks again. love the videos!

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