My Freedomain Radio Interview with Stefan Molyneux

I had a great interview experience with Stefan Molyneux a few nights ago. It has received a warm reception both on Youtube and with social media.


  1. As a husband of a wife carrying twins, this was very interesting and informative. Thanks!

    • Hi Tim! I am glad you enjoyed the interview!
      Have you checked out my book, “Sexy Birth?” If your wife is expecting, I would highly recommend you both read it to become informed about your choices and options. Good luck!

      ~Peace & Love, Dayna

    • Hi Elyse. Well, I’m sorry for your struggles, but it is nice to know that I am not the only one. I have speptod worrying about it and comparing our family to others. I know my kids’ hearts and they are pointed in the right direction 99% of the time.Next year I plan on using the Faith and Life Series. It can be ordered from several different places such as Kolbe Academy or Emmanuel Books. There is also the St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism. For very young children, there is the Image of God Series. That is what my parish uses in Sunday school. All of these teach about the faith, but I have yet to find a reasonably priced, Catholic Bible study for young children. Good luck to you and God bless! -Catie

  2. zack andrew says

    hi, im a subscriber of stefans. thanks for your enlightening insights.. im sharing this with everyone i care about who is a mother because i think you are from the future!

  3. As the father of a 2 year old, it was very refreshing and heartening to come across your work. My wife and I will be referring to it often. Thanks!

    • I would think that at this stage, the most important books would ispnire her to homeschool, explaining WHY home education works and how it is good for kids. Here are my picks, the books that convinced me:Teach your Own by John Holt Learning All the Time by John HoltHow Children Learn by John HoltMiseducation: Preschoolers at Risk by David ElkindFamily Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense by David Guterson

  4. Really enjoyed this interview! We are unschoolers and always searching for better ways to describe why and how we live this lifestyle. Thank you so much for being articulate and clear on your intentions of why you have chosen to parent and live this way. He did a great job of being open minded and asked some great questions!

    • This was the best interview of you that I have seen so far. So inspiring and so positive! You both did a fantastic job. It really helps answer the typical questions my daughter and I am asked over and over again.

      Thank you so much! I have shared this with many many people!


    • Hi Heather,nice reading about you&your wodunrfel family.We live in WPB,Fl and have been homeschooling our lovely 6 yr.old daughter Hazel.Ogden was born last Jan. We were hoping to be in the great northwest ourselves.Nice to read about somone else doing this to,nice choice of words. Melissa[] Reply:August 31st, 2010 at 9:49 amThanks for the kind words Melissa! Actually it looks like it’s time to update our photos and descriptions![]

  5. Thank you so much for explaining this so good. In Holland it’s illegal to homeschool after your kids went to school. (even after just 1 day :(). Your voice makes me happy, gives me a feeling of ‘yes! This is how society should treat children’. On the other hand it makes me sad, ’cause I’m not feeling able to do it myself. Please continue with sending this message into the world! Peace ‘n love, Claudia from the Netherlands

  6. Wow, I love my hand blender for baby food! It’s one of those weddnig gifts you get and think you’ll never need and then end up using daily:) Haven’t tried an electric steamer I just have been using a regular basket steamer, but that looks like an awfully handy gadget!

  7. I enjoyed your interviews w Stefan Molymeux. I appreciate his passion for peaceful parenting. Along those lines it’s no wonder you have caught his attention. Bravo! His only remaining discrepancy in the promotion of peaceful parenting is his endorsement of sleep training via crying it out. ­čÖü

  8. Alecia, I’ve been trying to find a reference to his “cry it out” stuff, can you point me to something? Thanks

  9. Is there another place to find this video? It has been removed.

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