F*ck ‘Em! Devin’s an Adult!

Well, we did it, despite what everyone told us would happen if we didn’t listen to their, “advice.” We raised one human to adulthood and he is thriving and happy, despite the many warnings by those who didn’t think it was possible to raise a child with partnership, respect and freedom.

Devin never slept in a crib, cried-it-out, or was separated from me, when he didn’t want to be. He was never punished, sent to institutionalized school or made to do things he didn’t want to do. He was never grounded or shamed. He never had anything taken away from him to, “teach him a lesson.” He was never forced to do schoolwork of any kind, or learn anything that he didn’t want to learn. He was never graded, compared, tested, measured or had his mind poked and prodded, against his will. His fears were always respected and his passions were always ignited.

To those who have supported us on this incredible ride of raising Devin, thank you! For those of you who didn’t believe it was possible and criticized and judged us, thank you. It was all of you who motivated us to continue trusting, supporting, ignoring the ignorance and embracing the love.

Oh, and to the media outlets who have met Devin, judged us, laughed at us, sensationalized our lives and twisted reality to serve your audience and agenda, I also say, thank you. I feel compelled to share a friendly, in your face, F.U., because of Devin’s kind and loving choice and willingness to be in the spotlight, since he was six years old, graciously welcoming you into our home and educating you all about his unique life.

With that said, and after all Devin has done to help shift the world towards more freedom and peace for children, everywhere…

F*ck you, Dr. Phil
F*ck you, Juju Chang
F*ck you, Forrest Sawyer
F*ck you, Bethenny Frankel
F*ck you, Nightline
F*ck you, Fox News
F*ck you, Today Show
F*ck you, CNN
F*ck you, 60 Minutes
F*ck you, OWN Network
F*ck you, Wife Swap
and a special, “Thank you,” to Jeff Probst, for being the only voice of support and respect for Devin, in all of our media coverage in the last 12 years.

Happy 18th Birthday, to my dear son, Devin. Thank you for being a voice and face to educate the world about what is possible without forcing a child to obey authority, without behavior modification, punishing, controlling, without SCHOOL and without living the authoritarian paradigm!

Congrats for staying alive, despite living the peace, love and FREEDOM that you have always deserved. THANK YOU for trusting and believing in our lives and continuing to do so. I love you, son and I am so proud of the man you have become!

Peace & Love, Mom


  1. Melissa Jensen says:

    Praises to you and your unwavering courage to stand in what is Right! You are one of my great heros!

  2. Well done. Bravely done. Competently done. Perhaps others have followed this path, you’ve done it in the glaring light the criticism of others. You have set a standard for all of humanity. You are a fearless pioneer and without doubt a model for all who come after you. Your example is a bright light illuminating the path to freedom.

    With the utmost respect,


    • Hi Dave! Your words mean a lot to me. I hope to see you in Vancouver this July, during my visit for speaking at the Capitalism and Morality event.
      There are many doing amazing things in this world and if I can even help shift a tiny bit of awareness into the lives of others, I am grateful.

      Peace & Love, Dayna

      • Hi Dayna,

        I’m looking forward to another terrific event in Vancouver and seeing you on the schedule brought a big smile to my face. If you ask me again what my passion is I promise not to say “fishing.” My passion since high school (ugh), has been to understand how our human civilization works and why it is so screwed up everywhere and always. I now get it. We are still operating under a tribal system controlled by two really bad ideas; religion and politics both of which were developed to control populations. There are many tribes (read nations) around the globe, each with one chief. Every chief has one primary objective, to increase his/her power and influence on a global scale leading to hegemony. It is clear that if this paradigm doesn’t change it is unlikely humanity will survive. The posturing going on even now is signaling that the end game is approaching. So the work you and I and others are doing is the only bastion against species self-destruction. I’m proud to be a part of it and obviously so are you.

        See you soon,


  3. Love.

  4. Jen Niles says:

    Congratulations! I am very impressed and I can totally identify with your feelings right about now! You’ve always been an inspiration even if I didn’t agree with every single thing you said. Thanks for being a beacon!

  5. Steven Lytle says:

    I doubt you’ll disagree with me, but I think Devin has been an adult for years, by any rational definition of the term, rather than accepting the arbitrary dividing line (18 years old) of those around him. BTW, was there any rite of passage for him?
    Congrats to Devin and his family.

    • Hi Steve,
      Yes.. I totally agree. Devin does too. He didn’t think it was a big deal at all, turning 18. His exact words were, “It’s just a culturally, made-up thing, that turning 18 means anything. I feel the exact same as I did for years.”
      As far as a “rite of passage,” I am not sure. He may be able to help more with that answer.
      Thanks for commenting and I appreciate the congrats.
      Peace & Love, Dayna

  6. Congratulations!!

  7. Yes! I sure do love a “F*U*” list!

  8. Peggie Greenough says:

    Happy Birthday to Devin and a giant thank you for sharing your lives and experiences with us, Martin family <3

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