I’m Feelin’ the LOVE!


I am so grateful for the lives that I have touched through my work and advocacy.

Thank you to those who have recently shared their gratitude and love!   


I’m not a mother, and I’m only 20 years but you’ve taught me so much about interacting with children, caring for them and having a partnership with them that i’m actually excited to have little ones of my own one day ~Casandra Gardner


Just seeing you on the Jeff Probst show and listening to your son, dispelled a lot of the fallacies I had about unschooling. You also, through your daily life, show me that it can be done… done well… and done with more than one child at a time. I think you should know that you are touching many folks and making a difference. xoxox Kelly Diamond


You have shown me that anything is possible and you truly are an amazing family and I cannot wait until your children are grown and do amazing things.. our children will do great things in their lifetime because they are given the freedom to have lives! ~Jessica DeLelys


Your advocacy has contributed a lot to our family’s understanding of the word “freedom” in its truest sense. Thank you! ~Mhaia LcBalba


I’m always asking WWDD? (What Would Dayna Do?) ~Danielle Souris Pate


“When you know better, you do better”…this is my daily mantra. I got this from you Dayna Martin. I am trying to shift to a more peaceful cooperative partnership with my kids after learning so much from you. It’s hard as I was raised in a fully controlled environment (even now that I’m 46 with a grown child my Mom still tries to control me), one day at a time & am changing the tapes that play in my head, I’ll get there with your inspiration & the inspiration of those like you!! ~Angie Taylor- Sadley- Dickinson


Years ago I learned about unschooling through you and your family. It felt like I had finally come home and that what I had felt inside all along was true. You remain to be a huge inspiration to me! ~Susanne Roberts


My whole philosophy and life, education and parenting has been changed. My only regret is that I didn’t find your work until my son was 8 and I wonder how different things would have been if I’d found it sooner x ~Alex Lawrence


I can remember waaaaaay back as I was really suffering with the school at home and knew there had to be a better way and the bread crumb trail that you have left so visibly was a god send. I really wanted to connect to someone “doing it” in person and after great connections on the RULOA list I drove my ass to your house and you welcomed me and the boys with open arms. And so it began….. Much love and gratitude for all you do and be!! The world is a lighter place with all you do be. I thank you, the children thank you. ~Josha Grant


I love using your family as an example of how unschooling works for people who are interested but want more info than just from me. Attending Life Rocks last year was incredible for us, as it was the first time in our lives to meet other unschooling families. Thanks for everything u do:) ~Amanda Baehre Bokus


I love knowing that I am not the only mom in the world who thinks outside what others think the “norm” is. Doing what is best for our children in our own way. Not being discouraged by the outside world and loving our children no matter what! ~Angela


We totally dropped our formal literature program. My son was bored and I was sad. We were both frustrated but, after reading just a few of your words of encouragement, we dropped it and started reading REAL books! Thanks for the help and motivation! ~Lesley Cote


Dayna, You were our gateway into unschooling when my oldest was still a wee toddler. SO thankful for this way of thinking, living, parenting, schooling. *I* learn something new from *them* everyday ~Brianna Cabral


You validated our decision to toss away our curriculum. Maru Berríos


I often refer anyone interested in unschooling to your website/videos! it was 4 years ago when i first saw you in person(at the first great big happy life conference!), when i was just starting to find my groove with the unschooling movement. you have been a huge inspiration in my life and have really reinforced all the unschooly ideas i have and was brought up with. it is wonderful that you share so openly with the whole world! and i do believe your message is ringing so clearly for all to see, that the world can’t help but take notice! ~Angel Carter Kelsey


There’s no way to relate with words how your work has impacted our life! When I was researching homeschooling and discovered unschooling, I KNEW it was the right thing for us… but I struggled to find that “voice” that spoke to my heart AND mind to guide me along the way until I discovered YOU! I have never met you, but I consider you a personal friend and feel as though we are cut from the same cloth! The discussions with you via skype, phone and email are ALWAYS spot on and exactly what I need to make it through and I am so grateful to have your kickass wisdom and leadership to learn from. I admit, I have caught myself saying WWDD and have considered making a bracelet…. after all, you are my cult leader! LOL!!! (Kidding) I can’t wait for Life Rocks! Much love! ~Kristie Longan


Dayna, You have introduced me to an entire new universe of thinking; not just outside the box, but radical unschooling has completely destroyed the box! ~Jennifer Beving


I feel that your advocacy for radical unschooling has been a beneficial challenge to my beliefs about where parenting meets our ‘traditional’ view of ‘education’. Though not everything resonates, hearing your views has been a great exercise in my on going practice of “keeping an open mind” so for that I am grateful for all that share. ~Michelle Missm


Dayna, you’ve inspired me to spread the word about causes that I care about! ~Sophia Gubb


Your website and your blog inspire me. Through them you’ve helped me grow as a parent and an unschooler on difficult days I’ll often use them for reassurance and a lift in spirit. Thank you xxx ~Karen Dalgado


Thanks to you sharing information and giving hands on help, I had two perfect, empowering births and am now looking into becoming a doula myself. You helped me help both of my sons enter this world into loving and peaceful relationships. Much love to you! ~Jandy Mordan


I read your book, I cried, I felt vindicated. I am Unschooling my four girls now ages 10-15 and feel I am doing what is right for each of them. My efforts have been recognized and am speaking at a HSing panel in my state! ~Margot Keyes


Your work has given me the mental space to pause when my culturally trained thoughts are going one direction (frustration with whatever the current circumstance is) and go “wait….IS there another way? Yes! Maybe I CAN just make peace with this and it doesn’t mean I’m a BAD MOM” I also first heard the term unschooling from your work, and your experiences have me thinking more about eating raw, though I am decidedly in the thinking only stage of that right now! ~Kristine Mannion


Youre family has inspired ours incredibly so glad to be on this path breaking old patterns, gaining back our freedom, relearning to trust ourselves, it gets easier and more powerful each day. Life is good:-) thank you Martins! ~Holly Mills


You have touched my life in profound ways. Not just your Unschooling work but your centeredness, calmness and grace as a person inspires me. ~Sally Ariad


Your nurturing approach, relaxed spirit and comforting words were so helpful to me during my breastfeeding difficulties. You listened to me and helped me relax to do what worked for us. It was such a gift not only to me but my daughter. With your help we worked through our issues and I was able to successfully nurse both my 2 daughter’s and soon my 3rd baby. I am forever grateful to you for this. Your lifestyle makes me stop and ask myself before I say “NO” I think about how you would approach a situation. I love your free spirited lifestyle and hope to embrace it more in the future. ~Kellee Quinn


When I watch your videos I feel good knowing there are others out there like us. I wish we lived in a place surrounded by beautiful like minded people like the Martin family! Thank you Sparkiling Martins!!! ~Kathy Silverwhee
Via your advocacy work you have given me my first professional speaking gig! Yay! ~Alexander Berger


You have shown me that kids can be kids and learn. Before that I didn’t understand the concept of unschooling. ~Angela Prince Seigler


A friend let me barrow your book, “Radical Unschooling.” It has done wonders for my family…. For me! It has taught me to relax and enjoy my kids! I am looking into to unschooling I have actually been fallowing you for the past week watching any video of you I can ect. I read your book in one day! Which is unheard of for me! I just need that last push to unschool because the way I grew up is drilled in my head! Love you so much! I am praying I will make it to one of your conferences!!!!!! ~Amber Richardson Thompson


We have been natural learners since birth and reading about you and Joe and your family, gave me the confidence that it was exactly the life we were meant to embrace.we live,we love,and we learn through life I think our girls have taught us more about life,we are so blessed. ~Belleviolette Rubyrose


Well…I walked out of my son’s ex-school after three weeks.My son didn’t fit in the box and after many tears from both he and I we decided to find another way. The day the teacher told me I had to talk to his doctor about his symptoms..which consisted of tickling, laughing and rolling on the floor…after expressing they would let him just work on some social skills, I knew school wasn’t right for us. He was too smart, he was too young, he was so well spoken but just a little too hard to handle…it went on and on….I did what I felt I had to do and what I wanted to do since he was born, I decided to let him live instead. I don’t know anyone else who’s doing this close by to me or even in our span of friends so we’ve been feeling alone…confused and wondering if we’re doing this right or even just heading in the right direction. Then I found your website. The more I read and watched..the more I realized We’re not alone. You’re here…you’re helping people and you make sense! You give me a resource and an example to those who think I’m damaging my child. I guess what you and your family do the best is give us, the beginners of this journey, a strong ray of hope. So on that note..thanks:) You’re joining together a like minded society that seemed to be so far and few~ Cara Keane


Dayna, you gave me the courage to switch from homeschooling to unschooling ~Toby Lee Bonds


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for changing my life. Last summer we decided to try homeschooling our daughter, and while looking for resources I found your blog. Not only did it change how Not only did it change how we viewed education and parenting, it changed how I viewed relationships. I let go of worrying what others thought of my decisions and opinions, and acted from my heart instead of my fear. Also, by seeing children and especially my children as compete human beings with their own internal worlds, their own wants/needs/desires, and released the need to control everything about their lives, I was able to trust other adults more and most importantly I am beginning to trust myself more. You just spoke my language in a way that rocked my world. Thank you. .. ~Wendy Smith


After seeing you speak at the unschooling conferences here in Australia, Dayna Martin so much has changed in our family. Working towards living in freedom and joy has meant we are so much closer/connected and “in love” and absolutely loving life, every part of it! Excited about our unschooling or natural learning journey where our two beautiful girls 2 and 4 are able to be free to choose what they eat, when they sleep, what, how when they play, discover, experience life all from a place of balance and caring for each other. It has been truly life changing from one moment to the next as I am able to let go of old ways and ideas. My sister and I had a one on one session with you in Airlie Beach and learnt so much from that hour with you.. I so LOVE your work and am grateful for the gifts you and your family are giving to the world xx ~Penny Cullen

You have opened my eyes to the positive side of unschooling… Prior to “meeting” you guys, I only saw what was portrayed on TV where these teenagers were unhelpful, selfish, self-centered “unschoolers”, so I said, I don’t want my children to be unschooled!  Dayna, thank you for continuing to educate us regarding the true partnership paradigm and finding win-win situations in everything with everyone. It’s been a real eye opening year for me. My son is more cooperative. He has not asked for time outs because he’s no longer overwhelmed by my agendas pushed on him. He’s happier and freer than he’s ever been. I didn’t understand before what the partnership paradigm meant, and I’m sure I have a lot more to learn because I’ve just started learning and de-schooling myself. Thanks again for your openness and sharing your knowledge. ~Ranela De Guzman


  1. my barn having burnt to the ground,i can now see the moon.

  2. Cher-Ami Rose says

    When I am feeling anxious about un-schooling with my daughter I quickly pull up a ‘Dayna Martin’ video to help me chill out. You (and your family) have and continue to be an inspiration, Dayna.
    In one day (yesterday as a matter of fact), my daughter was able to take a self defense class, pottery class and is now on day 2 of 3 taking a shaman class. She is free to do and choose so many wonderful activities.
    Nothing can replace this precious time ‘with’ our children.
    Thank you so much, Dayna and family.

    Cher-Ami Rose

  3. Thank you for your efforts in spreading unschooling! I have been coming at the same goal from a different direction; Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I wonder if you have heard of NVC? I’ve been exploring ways to parent using NVC and spread these ideas. I would love to talk to you about ways you and I can cross-promote. Please message me if you have interest! 🙂

    • Hi Scott, Thank you for commenting! I am very familiar with NVC! I think it is a great tool for parents looking for ways to positively communicate with others.

      Thanks for posting!
      Love, Dayna

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