How to be Rawsome: Upgrade Your Life With Living Foods!

How to be Rawsome:

Upgrade Your Life With Living Foods!

Join Dayna LIVE this Sunday where she discuss her leap to a raw food lifestyle ten months ago. Dayna went from the Standard American Diet to 100% raw almost overnight! Her life changed dramatically both physically and emotionally and she lost 50 lbs. in only six months and wrote her latest book in only three weeks! She is inspired to support others in making the change. Learn about the tools to make raw foods easier and how you can slowly stock your pantry with living foods that will help you become a better YOU!  Learn how to make the transition to raw foods easy and fun and gain the confidence necessary to make the shift yourself! Read more about Dayna’s Raw Journey here.

Dayna will also speak about how to help your children eat more living foods, without force or coercing and how to respect their food choices when they are different than yours. 

This session has limited space, so sign up quickly as this is sure to be one of Dayna’s most popular discussions. Get ready to upgrade your life!!

This Sunday, April 15th, at 7pm EST


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~Peace & Love, Dayna
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  1. Kristie L. says

    Dayne if you’re into raw vegan food, you’d really enjoy Dr. Morse, ND’s Youtube channel. He is all about detox and healing thousands of people from all sorts of diseases with with raw food, primarily fruit and herbs. I am curious though, how do you deal with childrens free choice when you learn that they’re allergic to something (dairy)? Obviously, we don’t buy it, but when we’re traveling or at functions where it’s present it’s been an issue. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Just stopped by to say Hi and wish you well in all your wonderful endeavors. You are changing this world person by person with a knowledge and purpose that far out weights your years… Keep up the wonderful fight of changing lives for the better… Peace on!

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