Homes of Radical Unschoolers: Peek Inside!

For years, I have facilitated a Radical Unschooling support and information group on Facebook. At present, we have 16,685 members and it is growing everyday. In the group, parents who are new to Radical Unschooling ask questions to the more experienced members.  It is true, parent-to-parent support. The most popular questions revolve around punishments, freedom and releasing limits on foods, media/technology, hygiene, bedtimes and how to live in partnership with one’s children through the philosophy that I advocate for and promote through writing, speaking, media appearances and sometimes, through visuals.

Many people are curious what the homes of Radical Unschoolers look like. This week, a few members of the group posted photos of their homes. I loved the energy of the photos and was inspired to share them here, for others to see and learn from. I feel that giving people a glimpse into the homes of people living a life so differently, can make them realize that we are more alike than we are different. I believe that sharing a peek into the sacred spaces of our lives can take people to a higher level of understanding for what a Radical Unschooling life is all about.

Keep in mind that although most of these homes are clean and tidy for the photos, they aren’t always in this state. Living with children at home means that messy days are just part of life! How clean and organized a home may be is individual to each, individual family. Never compare your home to someone else’s!


I hope you enjoyed this peek into the homes of Radical Unschoolers who wanted to share with you! If you are interested in gaining more insight into this life and want to learn how to make it work for your family, drop me a message or follow me on Facebook.   I am happy to get you started!

***Special thanks to our beautiful Radical Unschooling group on Facebook and to Kara Gray Mary Juleson Herrington, Marina Haikin, Marci Rojeski Sherwood, Brianna Echerd, Seasyn McDowell, Lisa Marie, Minna Freeman Prichard, Anna Marie Steggall, Elizabeth Brady and Sarah Mahan for contributing photos for this post!

Peace & Love, Dayna


  1. Awesome! As we adjust to Unschooling life I often wonder about other Unschoolers homes because though ours is almost always a mess, it’s a mess with a purpose. I am proud that my home is not just a display for guests but a comfortable nest for our growing family.

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