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Children’s rights are on the leading edge of new thought and advocacy. I realize that when  put out a meme like this, it will be received in many ways. Some people that read it will get defensive and angry. Some will agree and share. Some will laugh and call me crazy…
It is all part of the way life is when you are trying to help people see injustice. Children are discriminated against, no doubt – but so are the parents of children who refuse to put their children through the crippling system that we know of as, SCHOOL.

Be well and hold your head high, you “crazy” parents! Times are changing and the laughs can only go on for so long before respect for children’s rights comes into the majority of society’s vision and understanding.

Continue to Be the CHANGE and the change will come.

Peace & Love, Dayna


  1. Peter Wright says

    Hello Dayna. Hope you are keeping well and breathing in the prana regularly. I keep reminding the legal people,the politicians and big business that all people have HU-MAN rights first and foremost. That means there is no other individual or group that can over ride this. The legal profession think that they are the law but I keep reminding them that they have no rights over me as they only represent goods and cargo and they dont know anything about HU- MANrights. We all can learn far rmore from children, animals and nature than they can ever learn from us as they give UNCONDITIONALLY. This is they key word and must be explained to children in school not to be selfish, greedy creatures but to practice compassion and humility.
    Keep the inner strength shinning. All love Peter.

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