Dayna Martin Hosts the Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show!

Dayna Martin - Unschooling

I had a fabulous experience hosting the Free Domain Radio Sunday Call In Show this week! 

I answered questions pertaining to Unschooling and Parenting.

I hope you find great inspiration from the show!
Here are just some of the topics that I covered.

2:20 – Internal Worlds
9:20 – Communicating Parents Preferences
15:05 – Making Mistakes
19:25 – Rules vs. Personal Principals
21:00 – Becoming an Advocate
27:00 – Parents vs. Kids Needs
37:00 – Helping Others Understand Unschooling
51:30 – Entrepreneurship
54:50 – Happiness is Now
1:01:30 – Is Freedom Healthy for Children?
1:04:25 – How does Unschooling Affect Children’s Relationships?
1:10:00 – Swearing
1:13:40 – Unjobbing
1:27:00 – Gambling, Drugs and Minecraft
1:37:00 – Quitting
1:44:30 – Working Within The System?

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Thanks, Dayna



  1. As one of those you mention on the call who are “researching like crazy what unschooling’s all about,” I just wanted to say thanks for giving us yet another resource to learn a whole new way of life. Really great show, thanks, Dayna.

  2. I read Dayna’s book late last year and loved it! I tried out her approach with my four kids ageing from 13 to 4 years old but found it quite challenging particularly because all my children wanted to do was play Xbox or play on their iPods. It scared me. So I went back to being the control freak mother I have always been. But my kids have chosen to home school again this year ( last year they chose to go to school to see what it was like) and I have been listening and wathching myself and hating how much I call all the shots. The kids just sit around waiting to get my permission to do something or not. So I am back again. Pouring over Dayna’s website. This radio interview has been fantastic for me. I am going to wake up in the morning and try again to listen to my children; respect my children and facilitate them in whatever they want to do! So thank you Dayna for being such an inspiration and for making yourself so available for others including myself to learn from! It’s great to know that if I come unstuck I can contact you.

  3. Jen Youst says

    Dayna…thanks again for sharing your audio for free — I listen to everything you post, and I’m so inspired by your family. Everytime I feel myself slipping back into authoritarian parenting, I log onto your site and read/listen, and then I’m “ok” again. This life is a journey for us…we are not where your family is…but we are working on it. You are definitely not an Assbitch! 😉 Love, Jen.

  4. Danya,i love listening to you,you flow,you are eloquent,beautiful,i deeply relate to tou and I am so grateful for you expressing yourself so honestly,you are a magical woman and really give a lot,you speak for many and have huge courage, a true trailblazer and dig it I too live authentically and cannot live any other way,peace and protect our children,keep listening to your heart x

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