A KiCKASS Interview!

I took part in a fun interview with Joanna, of the KiCKASS WiTCH. She was very receptive to Unschooling philosophy and connecting with her was like connecting with an old friend. I love powerful, wild, inspirational women and it was fun connecting and sharing with her. So, here it is.. a little fuzzy visually, but fantastic audio interview about Radical Unschooling! Enjoy!!

~Peace & Love, Dayna




  1. I bought the kindle version of your book while watching this interview. I am a very, um, maybe adhd mom, I don’t know. I just started homeschooling. I love that you said that you wonder what you could be if you hadn’t been pretty much held back as a kid. I have been thinking that a lot myself. I always loved music, writing, acting and art (O.K. “The Arts”). I hated being in prison every day, because it really felt that way, in my school years. I want to give my kids more freedom. I am into unconditional parenting. I’m not so good at it. My husband helps by reminding me, which is crazy, because I was the first one into that, and he thought it was a crazy idea for a while. We are getting better at it, but it is very hard to change a whole culture. I have been raised a completely different way, than how I parent, and it is hard to change so much, to change my thinking and my upbringing, my culture. I am a homeschool mom, but we don’t unschool. I just don’t get it. Maybe if I read your book, I will get it more. I have read, “The Unschooling Handbook,” but it just made it, to me, seem so much harder than teaching my kids “School at home,” as many call it. I have 5 kids, and I can’t see how I could let each of them learn, with my help each day, what each wants to learn. I just can’t answer all of their questions, and have something prepared for them on the fly, nor can I please all 5 of them at once, when they are all going in such completely different directions! My son loves paleontology and archaeology and wants to learn to read ancient languages, but my daughter moans if we watch something about any of those things. She’s rather learn how to do live chemistry experiments (which I could in no way, do, because I know nothing about that. In school, in chemistry, I was only taught chemistry equations, which were hateful to me, which I never understood). That’s only 2 kids. Another would just like to garden all day, which I am not good at, either. On top of that, I have a son very frustrated because I don’t understand what he is saying, as he has a speech delay. In addition, I have a toddler. I don’t see how I could possibly do anything but plan what I will teach on what day!

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