Unjobbing Our Lives

Living lives that are filled with happiness, joy, and freedom are very important to our family and that extends to every area of our being. We’ve built careers by pursuing our passions and, because of that way of thinking, we don’t work a day in our lives.

Aside from being an amazing man and wonderful father, my husband, Joe Martin, is a man of many talents. He operates Willow Toys out of our home where he designs and builds handmade wooden toys. (He does this while fathering four unschooled kids who are often by his side!)The playstands and kitchens are our best sellers!

playstand1In addition to that, he is also a photographer who takes breathtaking photos as Joe Martin Photography.

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It’s true that you can live a life of freedom and passion. We are living proof that life is for living.



  1. I am a true believer in personal freedom. Too often, we live other peoples’ lives in the pursuit of happiness. We grow up being taught what is necessary to achieve success in our society. Go to school, get a job, raise a family, and die with regrets for never doing what we are born to do. You’ve raised your children the right way. People are born independent thinkers with their own goals, beliefs, and knowledge of what will make them happy. I will be attending one of your conferences shortly to see how your unschooling philosophy fits in with my nudist activism. Keep up the good work.–love mark ­čÖé

  2. Samantha Rose says

    I also feel blessed to have a life woven with doing what I love and believe in and that includes my children and husband and mother nature. I consciously tailored, over many years, this life I lead now–weaning myself from the academic and corporate worlds into another paradigm–having faith that this is the right path for me and my family. That my life mission of contributing positively to make the world a better place starts right under my feet!

    In addition to homesteading and homeschooling, I currently do environmental lessons at rural schools and with local municipalities and most of those lessons I also do with my kids and we live those ideas of what we teach at home. My husband does permaculture and appropriate technology and building at home but is often asked to help others in our community with their projects. So we live what we teach and teach what we live–which is to live in harmony with mother nature and with each other. We also invite visitors to stay with us to help at the homestead and experience a life of living simply, in community, by permaculture principles.

    By living simply, we reduce our need for things/expenses, thereby freeing more time to enjoy life–creating art & craft, doing family rituals, taking walks and horse rides, making yummy food, etc. We’ve also freed ourselves from the worry and fear of having to have insurance for everything–we just eat healthy and keep a positive attitude, knowing help will come if we need it. There are times when my living space feels too small or that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with teaching engagements and too many projects but overall, it feels like my life is mine and my family is a gift from Great Spirit.

  3. You and your family are so INSPIRATIONAL. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Nice!

  5. Thanks for sharing Dayna! Your husband’s passions produce beautiful work. My husband and I are also excited about becoming unjobbers in the next few months. It’s both fun and challenging to think outside the corporate box.

  6. I love that you shared this! I also have un-jobed myself and am looking forward to the wonderful adventures as I too am unschooling my children.

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