The Hypocrisy Tragedy

We live in a culture that screams “Freedom,” but doesn’t allow children to be free.
We live in a time that promotes, “Being Yourself!,” and then criticizes and shames children who are expressing their Whole Perfect Selves and keeps them all the same to meet the needs of the adults in their lives, who think they have the formula for success and happiness – which they don’t!

Partnership based parenting with freedom, respect and peace for children is the answer. Unfortunately, our culture as a whole isn’t ready to let go of control, fear and manipulation of others to meet our needs, that we don’t know how to meet ourselves. Children deserve the same respect and freedom as adults have, with a supportive, loving parent *Present* and facilitating their learning, needs, growth and expansion.

However, as a whole, children are not trusted. They are looked at as “things” that need to be trained to be “good.” Sadly, assuming negative intent is devastating to children and so begins the breakdown of the natural self-love, trust and innate ability to be “good people.” We are broken down to be built back up by people who want to take the credit for our goodness, because they were broken down as children too. The cycle repeats itself over and over and over……..

Things are changing, and I have enormous hope for the future of humanity. Until then, I want people to know that there are a few of us out there, speaking this Truth and will, until we die, be voices for the untrusted, the broken, the shamed and the misunderstood. We are labeled as the “freaks,” “weirdos,” and “crazies,” for challenging the cultural norm, but we are creating real change in this world and are helping to shift towards more peace, love and respect – for ALL!

Peace & Love, Dayna

***The art above was created by my friend, Amber Tabangay


  1. Cindi Rose says

    Amen!!! Thank you, thank you thank you Dayna for this post….I have a 15 yr. old son whom I have been homeschooling since he was 7 and Thank God!!! I would not allow the Public Schools to take his freedom or self dignity, 2 yrs. was long enough, and what is funny is that the children “know” this, which is why they fight the school constantly!!! yet nothing changes, the so called adults in the education system of today are more like zombies than teachers, robots that have been programmed one way and one way only. It’s a sad, sad educational system we have and a tremendous amount of “rose colored glasses” being worn. My son has done so much better than any school would have ever been able to provide for him, why? one word: FREEDOM!!! Amen!!

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