The Renaissance Woman! Controversial Interview

I’ve been doing a number of interviews lately. The interest in Radical Unschooling is growing exponentially, as more and more people want to learn about alternatives to traditional schooling and parenting practices. At this time, there is great interest and my invitations to speak and requests for interviews and parenting coaching are becomes a huge part of my life in new and powerful ways. My passion for sharing about this life has only become stronger over the years, which I am so grateful for. I look forward to each and every opportunity to spread more peace, freedom and love to families worldwide.

Here is a recent interview with the Renaissance Man podcast
“WARNING: This topic is a highly controversial and often triggering one for many people, especially those like myself who were raised in the traditional education and parenting systems. Enter here at your own risk, side effects may include having your mind blown.

Dayna Martinn is an activist, educator, author, and bonafide Renaissance Woman! She joins me on Episode 10 to discuss her book “Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun” and her unique and fascinating life as a parent of 4 unschooled children. We start with the foundation of Radical Unschooling, move on to common concerns and objections, and then dive deep into this very interesting philosophy and way of life.

The Renaissance Man Podcast is all about presenting a diverse group of interesting people doing interesting things across a wide array of ideologies and alternative paths, and few paths are more alternative than Radical Unschooling.

Enjoy!” Marco Ofalltrades, host of The Renaissance Man Podcast


Ep. 10 – Radical Unschooling With Dayna Martin

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