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Dayna’s Rockin’ Thought

 Children are born whole, kind, loving and assuming the best of intentions from others. It is our cultural controlling of children that creates defensiveness, meanness and assuming the worst intentions in others. It is through this conditioned mindset that negativity in one’s life is created. When a child is respected and living in partnership with those in his life, his reality and life experience is joyous and positive – the way nature intended life to be!

Radical Unschooling has a foundation of trust that few people have ever thought about, because most of us were never trusted as children ourselves. We learned to silence our own inner knowing through the fear and doubt that others carried for us. Through this treatment, we began not trusting ourselves. This has led to years of undoing for most of us in order to rekindle our self love enough to listen to our inner voices. I am seeing that giving my children freedom and trust in every area of their lives, their inner voices, self love and creativity stays intact and strong. This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give another human being – to trust them. Radical Unschooling enables us to ensure that the only people who spend time with our children are others who love and trust them. It is these people whom our children want to spend time with. Living in total freedom, our children and their strong, capable spirits always stay whole.

We do not break life down into subjects, we do not grade or make our kids do workbook pages or busy work. We trust that our kids will learn what they need on their own life path to be happy and in turn, be successful. Unschooling has a foundation of trust in children that is virtually unheard of in our culture, because most of us were never trusted as children ourselves.

Children are human beings who are living in the now. Our cultural view is that they should always be preparing for the future, instead of truly living and just being. Constantly preparing kids for the future is like adults having to sit in a classroom against their will all day, everyday, preparing for retirement. How fulfilling would our lives be if this was forced upon us?

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