Sexy Birth Is Being Released!

"Being responsible for your birth means shifting from a cultural place of control, to a place of trust and inner knowing that all is well and as it should be. It is a space of acceptance for what is and then from that position of well-being, informed decisions can be made. Making decisions from a place of fear or worry isn't ideal, but … [Read more...]

Damn Unschoolers!

My kids have the freedom to use whatever words that they choose to use everyday. The truth is, my kids swear sometimes and they are not punished or reprimanded for it. Yet, they are very loving, kind people who just happen to have the freedom that most children in our culture do not have. When we feel the need, I admit, Joe and I swear … [Read more...]

Why Unschooling Doesn’t Come Naturally

  Why Unschooling Doesn't Come Naturally  Dayna Martin   Over the years a question keeps popping into my head. If I lived on a deserted island and had no cultural influence telling me what to do, would unschooling come completely natural to me as a parent? Why do we need to learn how to unschool in our culture? If … [Read more...]

The Labyrinth of Unschooling

We have been unschooling our children since birth. It has been an enlightening, healing and amazing journey to get to where we are today. It has taken us many years to fully understand the philosophy of non-coercive, respectful, peaceful parenting. Just when I think we have reached our destination in how we wish to parent, I learn that we … [Read more...]

Unschooling Interview – Reaching Your Dreams!

When I spoke in Texas this past September, I was interviewed by  Peter Kowalke, creator of the Unschooler Experiment. Listen to the Podcast of this Interview here. PETER: Now we have act two of our show. Act Two is with Dayna Martin. Dayna Martin is a radical unschooling advocate who you find just about anywhere you find talk about … [Read more...]