How to be Rawsome: Upgrade Your Life With Living Foods!

How to be Rawsome: Upgrade Your Life With Living Foods! Join Dayna LIVE this Sunday where she discuss her leap to a raw food lifestyle ten months ago. Dayna went from the Standard American Diet to 100% raw almost overnight! Her life changed dramatically both physically and emotionally and she lost 50 lbs. in only six months and wrote … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling: Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind  A important element of Radical Unschooling philosophy is giving my children the basic human right of allowing them the freedom of mind. We do not try to pry into their minds to assess what they know. Children today do not have this basic human right and their minds are constantly prodded. I believe that what my children … [Read more...]

Dayna’s Rockin’ Thoughts

Dayna's Rockin' Thought  Children are born whole, kind, loving and assuming the best of intentions from others. It is our cultural controlling of children that creates defensiveness, meanness and assuming the worst intentions in others. It is through this conditioned mindset that negativity in one's life is created. When a child is … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling live Interview (with BONUS Sexy Birth interview!)

This was a very informative interview about what Unschooling is all about. I also shared details about my upcoming book, Sexy Birth! Listen to internet radio with ProgressiveParenting on Blog Talk Radio … [Read more...]

The Sacred Flow of the Family Bed

This article appeared in Rethinking Everything online Magazine !   The Sacred Flow of the Family Bed  Before having children, sleeping in a family bed, or co-sleeping as it is sometimes called, is not something that we ever planned to do. In fact, I had never heard of it at all! At my terribly traditional baby shower, the main … [Read more...]