Forced vs. Natural Milestones

As parents, we hear what "experts" claim to be average ages that children meet milestones in our culture. We then tend to compare our children to these averages and push them to reach them out of fear that they aren't living up to the cultural norm or standard. When many people first discover Radical Unschooling, in which a family lives … [Read more...]

Damn Unschoolers!

My kids have the freedom to use whatever words that they choose to use everyday. The truth is, my kids swear sometimes and they are not punished or reprimanded for it. Yet, they are very loving, kind people who just happen to have the freedom that most children in our culture do not have. When we feel the need, I admit, Joe and I swear … [Read more...]

The Labyrinth of Unschooling

We have been unschooling our children since birth. It has been an enlightening, healing and amazing journey to get to where we are today. It has taken us many years to fully understand the philosophy of non-coercive, respectful, peaceful parenting. Just when I think we have reached our destination in how we wish to parent, I learn that we … [Read more...]

Unschooling Weapons

Over the last few months Devin has had a growing interest in real weapons. He has always liked weapons and he has had many toy swords and Nerf guns over the years, but he's almost a teenager now and things are evolving. It took me a while to get to a place of being totally comfortable seeing him using such dangerous things that I have … [Read more...]

Math – Unschooling Style

Unschooling is a free-flowing experience. It takes trust on several levels, but in one way it means to truly believe the idea that learning and life are not separate. It is knowing that your children will learn "the basics", through living a life with many resources and unwavering parental support, love and involvement. Last night the … [Read more...]