Unschooling: Total Immersion Learning

We are not all meant to know the same things in life. Kids in school are all being forced to learn the same thing.  Unschooled kids have as much knowledge as any child in school, but it is perfectly catered to who they are as an individual. Their knowledge far exceeds a child in school who has a cookie-cutter experience.  Our kids own … [Read more...]

Unschooling = Unrebellion

Parents today are doing the best they can with what they know, yet many are feeling empty and wondering why their kids do not like them or want to be around them.  We hear words like rebellion and chalk it up to normalcy, but what if there was nothing to rebel against?  What if we lived the respect for our children that we demand they … [Read more...]

NEW! Radical Unschooling Interview

Here is an interview that I did last night. Devin took part in a small part of it too!  It is focused on the basics of Radical Unschooling philosophy and freedom. I hope you enjoy it! ~Peace & Love, Dayna   Listen to internet radio with ProgressiveParenting on Blog Talk Radio … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling: Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind  A important element of Radical Unschooling philosophy is giving my children the basic human right of allowing them the freedom of mind. We do not try to pry into their minds to assess what they know. Children today do not have this basic human right and their minds are constantly prodded. I believe that what my children … [Read more...]

Diary of The UnNanny

It has been several years now that I have been working as the UnNanny, supporting families on their unschooling and peaceful parneting paths. It has been an extremely rewarding and enriching experience for me to spend a weekend or even a whole week in someone’s home and help them transform their lives from a fighting, angry, unhappy … [Read more...]