Sexy Birth – Taking Birth to New Depths!

Sexy Birth is a compilation of ten years of my work as a Doula and childbirth educator. It is my personal birthing philosophy and method of birth with personal stories to highlight my perspective. I am beginning a Sexy Birth teacher training program in which I will facilitate women becoming childbirth educators and Doulas. My plans are … [Read more...]

The Sacred Flow of the Family Bed

This article appeared in Rethinking Everything online Magazine !   The Sacred Flow of the Family Bed  Before having children, sleeping in a family bed, or co-sleeping as it is sometimes called, is not something that we ever planned to do. In fact, I had never heard of it at all! At my terribly traditional baby shower, the main … [Read more...]

UnWasted Food

I recently received a question about Radical Unschooling that I wanted to share. Question: "My daughter will constantly ask for food but not finish it or will ask for something, take a bite or two and then say she wants something else" My response: The overall reason why I wouldn't make a big issue out of this is because I … [Read more...]

Math – Unschooling Style

Unschooling is a free-flowing experience. It takes trust on several levels, but in one way it means to truly believe the idea that learning and life are not separate. It is knowing that your children will learn "the basics", through living a life with many resources and unwavering parental support, love and involvement. Last night the … [Read more...]

Unschooling Chores

My Unschooled children have never had chores. We have never had charts hanging on our fridge with certain household tasks for them to take care of with stickers as rewards. Yet, Devin, Tiff, Ivy and Orion all help with the housework because they truly want to. How is this possible? For one, when I clean and do the little tasks that … [Read more...]