Forced vs. Natural Milestones

As parents, we hear what "experts" claim to be average ages that children meet milestones in our culture. We then tend to compare our children to these averages and push them to reach them out of fear that they aren't living up to the cultural norm or standard. When many people first discover Radical Unschooling, in which a family lives … [Read more...]

Answers Are Sacred

We've been conditioned by society to obey and answer questions. However, we never have to do this. I am offering you a perspective on this that you may have never considered before. Just because someone asks you a question about your Unschooling life, does not mean you are ever obligated to answer. You can use the "pass the bean dip" … [Read more...]

Intense Unschooling Radio Interview with Dayna Martin

Our family just returned from a trip to Mexico, where I was speaking at an event called, Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. While our family was there, a magazine that interviewed us released a very positive story about our family and Unschooling. Due to the visibility and positivity of that story, I was contacted by a radio station, … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Parenting Vocabulary

I would like to share that being mindful of the language we use when describing our children's feelings can be a helpful step towards positive, peaceful, parenting. I would suggest moving away from the word, "tantrum." It is a culturally common word that dismisses the fact that the child is having true, real feelings. The term brushes off … [Read more...]

Being Peace: The Bethenny Show Experience

Last week, I was invited to participate on a Mom's panel on the Bethenny Frankel Show.  The show flew me to NYC where I stayed at the swanky, Hudson Hotel. I met my Uncle for dinner that night where he lives in NYC, and then woke up to a snowstorm the day of the filming! The producer called me to see if I could film the show early and I … [Read more...]