Homes of Radical Unschoolers: Peek Inside!

For years, I have facilitated a Radical Unschooling support and information group on Facebook. At present, we have 16,685 members and it is growing everyday. In the group, parents who are new to Radical Unschooling ask questions to the more experienced members.  It is true, parent-to-parent support. The most popular questions revolve … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling and Sleep Struggles

In our experience, our children's sleep seems to run on a seasonal, natural cycle. Our family changes our sleep patterns with the changing of the seasons and we have always lived this way. Much like cycles that follow the rhythm of the moon, when sleep is viewed from this natural perspective, one can see how it could be the most organic, … [Read more...]

NEW! Free Your Family Camp in Acapulco, Mexico

As I write this, the snow is falling and I can feel the plow trucks roaring by, rattling the house. We are in the middle of a snow storm here in, New Hampshire. I have to admit, I love it. The wood stove blazing and crackling and the family under cozy blankets, eating soup, freshly baked bread and enjoying vegan hot cocoa. Ivy and I … [Read more...]

Freedom Of Mind

Children's rights are on the leading edge of new thought and advocacy. I realize that when  put out a meme like this, it will be received in many ways. Some people that read it will get defensive and angry. Some will agree and share. Some will laugh and call me crazy... It is all part of the way life is when you are trying to help people … [Read more...]

Your Children Don’t Want It

You do not have to live perfectly, to be the perfect parent for your children. When we can admit our mistakes, flaws and issues, we are able to model one of the greatest aspects of being human - the ability to change. We have to *live* the reality of being human to it's fullest extent for our children to see what life is truly about. Most … [Read more...]