Cultural Evolution

Living a Radical Unschooling life we focus on our relationship with our children in a way very different from mainstream society. Almost all of the parenting advice that most receive are about obedience and controlling children. It is very rare to read about respect and connection with one's children. Partnership parenting is at the heart … [Read more...]

Freedom Is Not Unparenting!

Freedom does not mean uninvolvement in a child's life. That is neglect. Freedom is choices, respect and honoring each person's individual path with connected support, love and nurturing. This is at the heart of Radical Unschooling! Often times when I am working with parents who are learning about Unschooling, they share what isn't … [Read more...]

What is Unschooling?

In my book, "Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun," I share that Radical Unschooling is an evolution of our understanding about learning and the rights and respect of children. We are on the cusp of change and many people are looking for alternatives to the traditional schooling model. With Unschooling, we are re-prioritizing. We … [Read more...]


Recently, the kids and I watched our tadpoles slowly turn into frogs. It took about six weeks for the process to be complete. It was an amazing process! The first thing we do in the morning is check on our tadpoles and we would measure how much of their tails have disappeared. We learned so much from the process. Here is a photo of our … [Read more...]

Our Home

Our home was built in 1926 by Joe's great-grandfather, William Harmon. Our children are the fourth generation to live in this house and the ninth generation to live in our town, Madison, New Hampshire. When our home was built it was done by hand, with so much love. You can feel it the moment you walk in. No power tools were used to build … [Read more...]