Don’t Kill Your TV! An Unschoolers Thoughts on Media

I was recently watching television with my son Devin who is a Radical Unschooler. We were watching the program, Anthony Bourdain: No  Reservations, together as we often do late at night when my other children are asleep. Devin and I share a love of travel and while watching together my heart began to pound excitedly as Anthony Bourdain … [Read more...]

Unschooling Food Freedom

It might shock some people that my children can choose whatever they want from the supermarket, just like I do. Our financial limits vary from month to month, but within our budget, they have the freedom to choose what they want for snacks and meals. They will very often take their own cart and just go off and shop themselves. I love this … [Read more...]

Obedience – At What Cost?

I was reading our local news paper today and was shocked to read about a man driving around our area trying to lure kids into his car. It is so scary for the people that live here. You can hear people whispering about it everywhere you go in town. I was in the grocery store the other day getting my cart. A little boy, maybe eighteen … [Read more...]

Unschoolers Have Bedtimes?

Last night, around ten, Orion told me he was ready to go to bed. He is only three years old. About an hour later, Ivy came crawling up the stairs and said, "I love going to bed!" She brushed her teeth, and snuggled in next to us and asked me to tickle her back. All of my children love bedtime. I know it is because they were never … [Read more...]

Cultural Evolution

Living a Radical Unschooling life we focus on our relationship with our children in a way very different from mainstream society. Almost all of the parenting advice that most receive are about obedience and controlling children. It is very rare to read about respect and connection with one's children. Partnership parenting is at the heart … [Read more...]