Our Radical Unschooling Life – The Video!


Here is a video of our family where I share why we choose to live the life we do with our children. I explain the philosophy of Radical Unschooling in detail and Joe shares his views. Please comment below and share why you choose to parent the way you do. Are you Unschooling? Do you wish you could? What is holding you back from living the … [Read more...]

Unschooling: You Just Got Schooled!


I am asked regularly what Unschooling actually is. There are so many misconceptions that I thought it would be helpful to write my definition. Unschooling does not mean Uneducating, or Unparenting! It means offering your children a perfectly individualized education, instead of the same training that everyone else receives through … [Read more...]

Our Family Featured on 60 Minutes Australia!


Our family was featured on 60 Minutes, Australia today. (photo: myself and Michael Usher, host of 60 Minutes Australia) The show was fantastic and showed Unschooling in a very positive light. The 60 Minutes crew flew to America to spend a day with us. They also showed a few other families in Australia and they were all amazing. In … [Read more...]

Should Children Eat Whatever They Want?


Should Children Eat Whenever They Want?  Freedom with food is one of the most challenging aspects of Radical Unschooling for most parents striving to live a more peaceful life with their children. Some have asked me, "What if you child wants to eat sugar, all day?" My response is always the same: Control causes an unnatural dynamic to … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Parenting Vocabulary


Do you realize that you had  many negative words to describe your well-intentioned, curious behavior as a child?  We all did!  You may have felt so deeply misunderstood growing up. Many people still carry the underlying current of "being misunderstood" throughout their entire lives! This feeling starts early and the examples that I share … [Read more...]