Your Children Don’t Want It

You do not have to live perfectly, to be the perfect parent for your children. When we can admit our mistakes, flaws and issues, we are able to model one of the greatest aspects of being human - the ability to change. We have to *live* the reality of being human to it's fullest extent for our children to see what life is truly about. Most … [Read more...]

Practice What You Peace

We have been conditioned by society to obey our masters and answer questions when asked. However, as free-thinking invidiuals practicing peaceful parenting, we should never do this. Unless we are inspired to connect and share, we owe no one an explanation for the choices in our lives. In this essay, I offer you a perspective that you may … [Read more...]

See It Through

 All of our children have gone through times in their in life where their needs were outside of the range of what our culture would see as "normal" for a parent to support. For example, Ivy nursed until she was almost six years old. Tiffany would not let us brush her hair, as he scalp was so sensitive when she was younger. We had to come … [Read more...]

Cover Design Competition

Cover Design Competition: YOU could design the new cover of my book! My book, "Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun" has been re-edited and will be released this summer. It will be the 2nd revised edition with some new content.  I am writing a sequel to "Radical Unschooling," as well, but I will share more about that soon. … [Read more...]

What Really Spoils Children

When you give to your children abundantly, from a place of pure love, they learn generosity, love and kindness. When you give to your children from a place of guilt, shame or fear, children learn to buy "love". This is why people think that giving to children will "spoil" them. When a parent doesn't know how to give love freely, they use … [Read more...]