What Really Spoils Children

When you give to your children abundantly, from a place of pure love, they learn generosity, love and kindness. When you give to your children from a place of guilt, shame or fear, children learn to buy "love". This is why people think that giving to children will "spoil" them. When a parent doesn't know how to give love freely, they use … [Read more...]

Answers Are Sacred

We've been conditioned by society to obey and answer questions. However, we never have to do this. I am offering you a perspective on this that you may have never considered before. Just because someone asks you a question about your Unschooling life, does not mean you are ever obligated to answer. You can use the "pass the bean dip" … [Read more...]

Intense Unschooling Radio Interview with Dayna Martin

Our family just returned from a trip to Mexico, where I was speaking at an event called, Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. While our family was there, a magazine that interviewed us released a very positive story about our family and Unschooling. Due to the visibility and positivity of that story, I was contacted by a radio station, … [Read more...]

Without Freedom Children Make Unhealthy Choices

To Trust Children You Must Trust Yourself Children make good choices for themselves when supported by a connected and loving parent who doesn't use their child's freedom as a tool to control them. When children trust their parents, they *believe them* when they give them information. When there is no power-struggle, children know there … [Read more...]

Unschooling To End Math Phobia

People ask me, all the time, how my children learn math without any kind of formal schoolwork. I share that they learn what they need to learn as they go through life, when it is useful to them. Math is a tool to help us get what we want and it is *easy* to learn when a person learns what they need to, as they need it, instead of being … [Read more...]