The Hypocrisy Tragedy

We live in a culture that screams "Freedom," but doesn't allow children to be free. We live in a time that promotes, "Being Yourself!," and then criticizes and shames children who are expressing their Whole Perfect Selves and keeps them all the same to meet the needs of the adults in their lives, who think they have the formula for … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling: The Unlazy Parenting Revolution

I repeat... Unschooling is NOT for the lazy parent!! Rules and force are easy for a parent, but at what cost to the child and the relationship? Permissive parenting and non-involvement is NOT what I am promoting here... This Unschooling life is very involved, connected and takes time to find ways to ensure the child's rights and freedoms … [Read more...]

Facilitating Relationships: Holding the Space

As my older Unschooled children grow, I am seeing that  do not need me to facilitate their learning in the same way as they did when they were younger. At this point in the journey, they have learned how to learn through the many resources that the world offers. I am joyfully anxious to contact mentors, sign them up for workshops, drive … [Read more...]

Arbitrary Rules: Absolute Risk

Arbitrary Rules: Absolute Risk I was recently asked, "If you don't punish your children, how will they learn that in the world there are laws with consequences if they are broken?" We live life with laws part of our world everyday with our children. We model for them how to live with laws and they witness what happens when we break … [Read more...]

The Philosophy Behind Radical Unschooling

"Dayna, I've semi-followed you and your work for a long time, but I have to say this interview gave me a new-found deep respect and fondness for you, and your philosophy. You were absolutely tapped in and flowing mad truth, with such perfect clarity, grace and undeniable integrity and consistency. You even brought tears to my eyes a … [Read more...]