The Sparkling Martin’s & MAKER STUDIOS!!


We are excited to share that our YouTube channel, The Sparkling Martin's, is now part of the Maker Network! We were invited to be amongst some of the biggest Maker names on YouTube, like PewDiePie, The Shaytards and Ed Bassmaster! We are headed to LA, California,  in a couple of days to visit the studio and attend the Maker Christmas … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling YouTubers!


We are excited to announce that our family has a YouTube channel, The Sparkling Martin's! We love to share our unique and joyful lives and give people a peek into what life is really like for us all! We upload a video almost everyday and have a few different series that you may enjoy checking out: Monday - MAKE IT! This is a series … [Read more...]

A Radical Interview! Progressive Parent


I recently was interviewed by Antony Sammeroff, of The Progressive Parent! It was a fabulous interview and he asked many well-thought out questions that invited me to expand on the philosophy of Radical Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting. I was grateful for the opportunity to share about how parents can shift from control to connection … [Read more...]

The Sparkling Martin’s NEW: Radical Unschooling Vlog


Our family has begun a new Radical Unschooling Vlog series on Youtube!  Here is our first episode. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, The Sparkling Martin's, on YouTube. … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling: The Unlazy Parenting Revolution

I repeat... Unschooling is NOT for the lazy parent!! Rules and force are easy for a parent, but at what cost to the child and the relationship? Permissive parenting and non-involvement is NOT what I am promoting here... This Unschooling life is very involved, connected and takes time to find ways to ensure the child's rights and freedoms … [Read more...]