Forced Memorization is Abuse

The idea that anyone needs to memorize state capitals or times tables is outdated. Forced memorization is an obsolete practice of learning, in general. I suppose, it is a branch of learning, where many of us know things from being forced to memorize. However, I don't consider it necessary or even healthy. Deeply integrated learning is … [Read more...]

Returning Home to a Teen Runaway

It's been a crazy summer! I've been traveling for speaking gigs, almost non-stop. Last night, I returned home from a short trip down south, to find one of my daughter's friends here at our house. This girl is almost eighteen, just shy of a few months, and we've known her for a few years now. It has been only recently that she and Tiffany … [Read more...]

The Renaissance Woman! Controversial Interview

I've been doing a number of interviews lately. The interest in Radical Unschooling is growing exponentially, as more and more people want to learn about alternatives to traditional schooling and parenting practices. At this time, there is great interest and my invitations to speak and requests for interviews and parenting coaching are … [Read more...]

Your Children Don’t Want It

You do not have to live perfectly, to be the perfect parent for your children. When we can admit our mistakes, flaws and issues, we are able to model one of the greatest aspects of being human - the ability to change. We have to *live* the reality of being human to it's fullest extent for our children to see what life is truly about. Most … [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy Tragedy

We live in a culture that screams "Freedom," but doesn't allow children to be free. We live in a time that promotes, "Being Yourself!," and then criticizes and shames children who are expressing their Whole Perfect Selves and keeps them all the same to meet the needs of the adults in their lives, who think they have the formula for … [Read more...]