Sharing Sleep Cultivates Confidence & Independence

Orion is almost 10 and we still co-sleep. All of our children have slept in our bed, which has evolved over time. At one point all six of us were in one room with two queen beds and two twins all pushed together to form one enormous bed! It was so cozy! Right now there is only one twin pushed next to a queen. Orion is the last in with us … [Read more...]

Arbitrary Rules: Absolute Risk

Arbitrary Rules: Absolute Risk Growing up, most of us were told by the adults in our lives that punishing us was necessary to teach us about consequences. However, arbitrary rules and punishments for the sake of teaching us model unrealistic circumstances and inauthenticity. This damaged our relationship with our parents most of all - … [Read more...]

Free Your Family Camp in Acapulco, Mexico

If you’ve been looking for something fun to do with your family, where you can learn more about Radical Unschooling and Peaceful Parenting, please check out my Free Your Family Camp at Anarchapulco! Here is a detailed outline of the Free Your Family Camp. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Cost for the camp is only … [Read more...]

Radical Unschooling Reading: The Long Hard Road To Trusting Your Children

All of my children have learned how to read, in their own time with support and facilitation. If my children ask me how to spell something, I spell it out for them. I don't tell them to go look it up, themselves. I am here by their side as a resource and I am up and down dozens of times throughout each day to assist one of the kids in … [Read more...]

What Really Spoils Children

When you give to your children abundantly, from a place of pure love, they learn generosity and kindness. When you give to your children from a place of guilt or fear, children learn to buy love. This is an important distinction between two intentions in giving and one reason why people believe that giving to children will “spoil” them. … [Read more...]